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Tetris Cube 3-D Puzzle Game

  Tetris Cube Large 3D Puzzle will challenge even the best puzzlers. The object is to reassemble the twelve unqiue pieces into a 4 x 4 x 4 cube. According to the developer there are 9,839 possible solutions. However, finding a single solution will take a considerable amount of time. This Large Tetris measures 4" x 4" x 4". Pieces are durable plastic in red, yellow and blue. A clear plastic storage case can be used to assemble the puzzle in or for storage. This is a very addictive challenge.

Everything Bad is Good For You

  The $10 billion video gaming industry is now the second-largest segment of the entertainment industry in the United States, outstripping film and far surpassing books. Reality television shows featuring silicone-stuffed CEO wannabes and bug-eating adrenaline junkies dominate the ratings. But prominent social and cultural critic Steven Johnson argues that our popular culture has never been smarter. Drawing from fields as diverse as neuroscience, economics, and literary theory, Johnson argues that the junk culture we're so eager to dismiss is in fact making us more intelligent. A video game will never be a book, Johnson acknowledges, nor should it aspire to be-and, in fact, video games, from Tetris to The Sims to Grand Theft Auto, have been shown to raise IQ scores and develop cognitive abilities that can't be learned from books. Likewise, successful television, when examined closely and taken seriously, reveals surprising narrative sophistication and intellectual demands. Startling, provocative, and endlessly engaging, Everything Bad Is Good for You is a hopeful and spirited account of contemporary culture. Elegantly and convincingly, Johnson demonstrates that our culture is not declining but changingin exciting and stimulating ways we'd do well to understand. You will never regard the glow of the video game or television screen the same way again.

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