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  Magnificent Obsession is a 1929 novel by Lloyd C. Douglas. It was one of three of his books that were eventually made into blockbuster motion pictures, the other two being The Robe and The Big Fisherman. Robert Merrick is resuscitated by a rescue crew after a boating accident. The crew is unable to save the life of Dr. Hudson, a doctor renowned for his ability to help people, on the other side of the lake who was having a heart attack at the same time. Merrick then decides to devote his life to making up for the doctor's, and so he decides to become a physician (specifically a brain surgeon). The book's plot portrays Mrs. Hudson, the widow, moving to Europe after Joyce, the doctor's daughter, gets married. Merrick progresses in his career, and in the story's climax, gets involved in a railway accident in which Mrs. Hudson suffers a brain injury. Merrick is instrumental in her recovery. Also available from Download eBooks: The Robe.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace?

  After walking in on her lover and catching her with another woman a young professor, Grace, tries to make a clean start an a new university. She isn't looking for a relationship, espeially with one of her students. She's caught off guard by the advances from her star pupil, Meerick. Merrick is determined to sudce teach. Grace resists and admonishes her for even suggesting such a relationship. Merrick is use to getting her way and her woman and is looking to teach a few things to her new teacher.

My Lord Conqueror

  By rights, Merrick of Normandy should shun the serpent-tongued beauty who wishes him dead. But Alana's sensuous fire draws him to her -- and burns him to his warrior soul. It is he who is lord and she the captive. Yet Merrick can never claim true victory until the proud Saxon maid shares his passion -- and embraces him as master of her heart.

Stranger in my Arms

  Orphaned at birth and shuttled between foster homes, CIA agent Merrick Grayslake has made a practice of not letting anyone get close to him. But he finds that his emotions are at risk when he is introduced to Alexandra Cole.It has been all work and not enough play for Alex. And what little social life she's had has been on hold for a year while she completes her graduate degree. But her ordinary everyday life changes from the moment she meets Merrick Grayslake.


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