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Silk Stealth: Shadow Warrior

  Sequel to Silk Stealth... When rock star Shiraj Mansouri travels with his band Stealth and his lover Ellen Mays to Dubai in the land of veiled women, he expects only to perform in a benefit concert for the children of the United Arab Emirates. When the CIA, however, draws him into a game of intrigue as an untrained 'shadow warrior' for a mission, he agrees. Speaking the Farsi and Arabic languages of his heritage, he's confident he can handle the simple task. After all, his CIA father had once been a pro at this. Passion and heat are rekindling an old love between Ellen and Shiraj. Not willing to be separated, they disregard a warning that the trip could be dangerous for her, and she goes with him. Powerful tribal sheikhs rule this multicultural, Islamic emirate. To encourage tourism, the Qu'ran's teachings are applied less strictly for visitors. Between performances, Shiraj and his entourage experience the exotic, sensual uniqueness of this second richest town in the world. But in the midst of their enjoyment, evil strikes from an unexpected source. What once seemed simple turns harrowing as Shiraj and Ellen fight for their lives. If they lose, Stealth will disband and the mission will die with them... Genres: Suspense / Thriller / The Arts / Action / Adventure / BDSM (Light) / Voyeurism / Group Sex / Series

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