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Ige and Anti-Ige Therapy in Asthama and Allergic Disease

  Exploring the role of Immunoglobulin-E (IgE) in human disease, this reference summarizes current research on the mechanisms and utilization of anti-IgE therapeutics in the treatment of IgE-mediated allergic disease, inflammation, and asthma-discussing the structural composition of high- and low-affinity IgE receptors, the airway cells that express these receptors, and the functional activity of IgE-FceRI and IgE-FceRII interactions for improved control and management of allergic disorders. Compiles previously unpublished data from the first extensive scientific investigations of Xolair! IgE and Anti-IgE Therapy in Asthma and Allergic Disease reviews studies on the distribution of serum IgE levels of normal and asthmatic populations in developed regions of the world such as the United States, Canada, Scandinavia, New Zealand, and Europe offers novel methods for the design and formulation of monoclonal antibodies discusses the use of allergen bronchoprovocation to identify the characteristics and efficacy of new antiasthma and antiallergy medications examines the role of IgE in food and parasitic allergies and covers the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis and urticaria novel strategies to target mast cells and basophils murine models of allergic pulmonary inflammation the pathophysiology of allergic rhinitis Supplemented with nearly 2000 contemporary references to facilitate further study, IgE and Anti-IgE Therapy in Asthma and Allergic Disease is an in-depth and timely source for basic and clinical immunologists; allergists; pulmonologists and pulmonary disease specialists; physiologists; molecular, cellular, and lung biologists; pediatricians; internists; and graduate and medical school students in these disciplines.

Anti-IgE Therapy in Asthma and Allergy

  Little new has been introduced into the armamentarium for asthma therapy in the last thirty years apart from improvements in b2-adrenoceptor agonists, corticosteroids and cysteinyl leukotriene antagonists However, the introduction of a fully humanised monoclonal antibody to immunoglobulin E (IgE) (omalizumab), should provide a new way of treating allergic disorders, with effects that extend beyond a single affected organ and tissue.

Anaphylaxis - No. 257

  'Anaphylaxis is an immediate-type allergic reaction involving the whole organism. It is the most life-threatening allergic condition. Although there are few exact epidemiological data regarding prevalence, estimates regarding insect sting anaphylaxis range from 1-3% in the general population, but much higher values have been reported by some authors for food and drug-induced anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is the main acute killer of allergic individuals. Although anaphylaxis was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, there are still many unresolved issues. These include non-IgE-mediated anaphylactoid reactions, non-immunologically mediated anaphylactoid (pseudo-allergic) reactions, pathophysiological events at the microcirculatory level, appropriate therapy for the acute reaction, strategies for prevention, public education about the problem and new approaches to prevention and therapy at the IgE level. All these subjects are discussed in this book. Since anaphylaxis occurs acutely and is unforeseen, it is very difficult to organize controlled studies regarding therapy and prevention. The spectrum of symptomatology covers many clinical areas (skin, respiratory, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system), therefore inter-disciplinary approaches are necessary for progress in the field. There is widespread uncertainty among physicians about therapy, especially concerning self-administered treatment. In this important book, an multidisciplinary group of experts explore the pathophysiology of different types of anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions. Evidence is presented on the epidemiology of these conditions while problems relating to diagnosis, therapy and prevention are examined in detail.

New and Exploratory Therapeutic Agents for Asthma

  Discusses three major classes of asthma therapies-bronchodilators, antiinflammatories, and antiallergics-as well as potential new therapeutic approaches! This comprehensive volume addresses the latest treatment strategies for asthma, keying in on the genetics and molecular biology of asthma and pointing the way toward new, commercially viable therapies. Presents the most up-to-date information available on the genetics, epidemiology, pathology, pharmacology, and pulmonology of asthma. Written by more than 20 leading international experts, New and Exploratory Therapeutic Agents for Asthma explores asthma both as incidence of dysfunctional airway smooth muscle and as a disorder of the immune system examines the role of monoclonal antibodies in allergy and asthma describes functions and pharmacokinetic profiles of bronchodilator 2 agonists, anticholinergics, and inhaled glucocorticosteroids investigates the controversy of different types of asthma illustrates the connections between clinical symptoms and the immunopathology of eosinophilic inflammation assesses prospects for the development of a successful oral anti-inflammatory therapy, an immunomodulator that lowers antigen-specific IgE, an anticytokine compound, and an agent that safely combines bronchospasmolytic and anti-inflammatory properties reviews the impact of the recent introduction of antileukotriene agents, clinical findings with PAF antagonists, and selective antimuscarinics evaluates the relationship between improvements in laboratory results and clinical effectiveness and more! Containing over 2000 bibliographic citations and a concise introduction for each chapter, New and Exploratory Therapeutic Agents for Asthma isindispensable for pulmonologists, pediatricians, physiologists, immunologists, allergists, pharmaceutical industry scientists, primary care physicians, and medical school students in these disciplines.

Clinical ENT 2007

  The ultimate Otolaryngology reference for primary care physicians, residents and medical students? Topics include: dizziness, hiccups, taste & smell disorders, oral lesions, halitosis, lip lesions, xerostomia, ear & nose foreign bodies, hearing loss, tinnitus, infections, cancer...... Other Key Features: This complete text gives you detailed treatments, work-ups, and differentials to nearly every Ear, Nose & Throat problem seen in primary care. It is highly hyperlinked for easy navigation and has many illustrations and references. Reviewed /edited by a board certified otolaryngologist. Mouth: Links: Congenital � Ranula � Masses � Gingiva � Tongue & Oral Lesions � Pigmented Oral � Erythematous Oral � Bullous Oral � Stomatitis � White Oral Lesions � Ulcers � Xerostomia � Burning Mouth � Salivary Glands � Sialorrhea (Drooling) � Halitosis (Bad Breath) � Lip Lesions � Teeth / Dental � Taste & Smell � Throat � Hoarseness � INFECTIONS � Neck Masses: Links: Ddx � Adenopathy W/u: � Scrofula � Malignancy � Mets � Child � Congenital � Lymph Drainage � Disorders of Taste and Smell: Links: Testing � Taste � Smell � Burning Mouth � Teeth: Links: Prevention & Fluoride � Chronology � Teething � Trauma � Hemorrhage � Pains / Decay � Abscess � Discoloration � TMJ � Other Tooth Pain: Links: Cavity � Eruption � Other � Abscess � Periodontitis / Gingivitis � Bruxism � Orofacial Pain: Links: Ddx � Inflammatory � Neurologic pain � Muscular � Vascular � Trigeminal Neuralgia � TMJ Disorders � Facial Trauma � Mouth � Throat � Ear � Nose � Burning Mouth � Teeth/ Dental � Facial & Neck Trauma: Links: Facial Fx’s � Penetrating Neck Trauma � Dislocated Mandible � Mandible Fx � Nasal Trauma � Epistaxis � Lip & Oral Laceration � Cauliflower Ear & Ear Lac � Dental trauma � The Ear: Links: Various & Congenital (below): Acute Otitis Media � OM with Effusion � Eustachian Tube Dysfunction � Mastoiditis � Tympanometry � Otitis Externa (OE) � Cerumen � Ear Foreign Body � Ear Lac � Cauliflower Ear � Otalgia � Perforated TM � HEARING Loss & Audiology � Acoustic Neuroma � Tinnitus � Dizziness: Eval and Tx: Links: Etiology � Sx Duration � Peripheral � Central � W/u & Eval � Dix-Hallpike � #1 Vertigo � BPV � Canalith Repositioning � Acute Vestibular & Viral Neuronitis � Labyrinthitis � Ménière’s � Fistula � Other Causes � #2 Lightheaded � #3 Disequilibrium � #4 Presyncope � Orthostatic � Meds for Motion Sickness � Non-Pharm Motion Sick � Syncope � Vertebrobasilar Dz � Special Studies � Allergic Rhinitis: Links: Pollen Count � Common Allergens � SAR � PAR � S/s � W/u � Ddx of Inc IgE � Skin Testing � Tx � AIT Shots � Ddx � Environmental Controls � Non-Allergic Rhinitis � Meds � Other D/o’s � Allergic Conjunctivitis (SAC) This text contains numerous illustrations and is fully referenced. No other text on the market provides such a collection of succinct and clinically relevant material that can be accessed at the 'bedside'. Note: similar texts selling for 5-fold as much, why pay paper prices for electronic texts! The free DEMO contains the basic layout with live links to each chapter and sublinks to 1-2 topics per chapter. 

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