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  Refurbished 9029680100B 256 KBS HREF Modem

A Daughter of the Sioux: A Tale of the Indian frontier

  Excerpt: Ray's Troop. A Tale of the Frontier BY GENERAL CHARLES KING AUTHOR OF 'THE COLONEL'S DAUGHTER,' 'FORT FRAYNE,' 'AN ARMY WIFE,' ETC., ETC. 'He is bred out of that bloody strain That haunted us in our familiar paths.' King Henry V. ILLUSTRATIONS BY FREDERIC REMINGTON and EDWIN WILLARD DEMING NEW YORK THE HOBART COMPANY 1903 Copyright, 1902, BY THE HOBART COMPANY. A Daughter of the Sioux Published March 15, 1903 CONTENTS ILLUSTRATIONS A DAUGHTER OF THE SIOUX CHAPTER I Foreshadowed Events, CHAPTER IIAbsent from Duty, CHAPTER IIIA Night Encounter, CHAPTER IVThe Sign of the Bar Shoe, CHAPTER VA Grave Discovery, CHAPTER VIFirst Sight of the Foe, CHAPTER VIIBlood Will Tell, CHAPTER VIIIMore Strange Discoveries, CHAPTER IXBad News from the Front, CHAPTER X'I'll Never Go Back,' CHAPTER XIA Fight with a Fury, CHAPTER XIIThe Ordeal by Fire, CHAPTER XIIIWoundedBody and Soul, CHAPTER XIVA Vanished Heroine, CHAPTER XVA Woman's Plot, CHAPTER XVINight Prowling at Frayne, CHAPTER XVIIA Rifled Desk, CHAPTER XVIIIBurglary at Blake's, CHAPTER XIXA Slap for the Major, CHAPTER XXThe Sioux Surrounded, CHAPTER XXIThanksgiving at Frayne, CHAPTER XXIIBehind the Bars, CHAPTER XXIII a href...

A history of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.]

  Excerpt: by WOLFRAM EBERHARD of the University of California Illustrated OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley and Los Angeles 1969 First published in University of California Press Berkeley and Los Angeles California Second printing 1955 Third printing 1956 Second edition (revised by the author and reset) 1960 Reprinted 1966 Third edition (revised and enlarged) 1969 To My Wife CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 THE EARLIEST TIMES Chapter I: PREHISTORY 1 Sources for the earliest history 7 2 The Peking Man 8 3 The Palaeolithic Age 8 4 The Neolithic Age 9 5 The eight principal prehistoric cultures 10 6 The Yang-shao culture 12 7 The Lung-shan culture 15 8 The first petty States in Shansi 16 Chapter II: THE SHANG DYNASTY (c. 1600-1028 B.C.) 1 Period, origin, material culture 19 2 Writing and Religion 22 3 Transition to feudalism 24 ANTIQUITY Chapter III: THE CHOU DYNASTY (c. 1028-257 B.C.) 1 Cultural origin of the Chou and end of the Shang dynasty 29 2 Feudalism in the new empire 30 3 Fusion of Chou and Shang 32 4 Limitation of the imperial power 36 5 Changes in the relative strength of the feudal states 38 6 Confucius 40 7 Lao Tz 45 a href...

Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Informat

  Excerpt: [pg 2] [pg 3] For Melba Conner Universal Assistant and Treasure-House of Information to be Consulted on Every Question That Arises in Everyday Life by Young and Old Alike! 521 Recipes * 236 Remedies * 150 Themes for Debate * How to Be Handsome * Mother Shipton's Prophesy * The Cure for Baldness * How to Distinguish Death * PLUS 20,000 Things Worth Knowing, and Much Much More.[pg 4] THE HIGHEST BUILDINGS IN THE WORLD 1. An imaginary tower, 1000 feet high. 2. Cathedral at Cologne, 501 feet. 3. Pyramid of Cheops, 480 feet. 4. Strasbourg Cathedral, 468 feet. 5. St. Peter's, Rome, 457 feet. 6. Pyramid of Cephren, 454 feet. 7. St. Paul's, London, 365 feet. 8. Capitol at Washington, 287 feet. 9. Trinity Church, N.Y., 286 feet. 10. Bunker Hill Monument, 221 feet. 11. St. Mark's, Philadelphia, 150 feet. [pg 5] HOW POOR BOYS BECOME SUCCESSFUL MEN, 6 THE ART OF PENMANSHIP, 7 ORNAMENTAL PENMANSHIP, 18 HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS LETTER, 19 ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS IN BUSINESS, 28 DETECTING COUNTERFEIT MONEY, 32 HOW TO ADVERTISE, 37 HOW TO BE HANDSOME, 39 MULTUM IN PARVO. (110 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS), 41 HOUSEHOLD RECIPES, 71 HOW TO DESTROY HOUSEHOLD PESTS, 73 ACCIDENTS AND INJURIES (236 ITEMS), 75 THE FAMILY PHYSICIAN, 83 LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS, 93 MASTERPIECES OF ELOQUENCE, 94 SUNDRY BRIEF ITEMS OF INTEREST, 95 PHYSICIAN'S DIGESTION TABLE, 95 THEMES FOR DEBATE (150), 95 COOKERY RECIPES (521), 98 HOW TO COOK FISH, 106 HOW TO CHOOSE AND COOK GAME, 108 HOW TO MAKE ICE CREAMS, WATER ICES AND JELLIES, 109 HOW TO SELECT AND COOK MEATS, 111 HOW TO MAKE PIES, 113 HOW TO MAKE PRESERVES, 114 a href...

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