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Fanapart Padding Adhesive, High Strength, 1 qt., Bottles

  Manufacturer: NCR. Sold Individually. Fanapart edge padding adhesive allows Appleton carbonless sheets, in the proper sequence, to be automatically fastened together into form sets. Noncoated surfaces of the CB and CF plys are carefully manufactured to pr

Tidi Products 9306 Dental Saliva Ejectors, White

  Manufacturer: Tidi Products. Case of 1,000. Dental saliva ejectors feature a securely fastened, smooth tip for patient comfort. Customers also search for: Tidi Products,Healthcare,Exam Room Saliva Ejectors, Dental

Marshalltown KB451 QLT Kneeler Board

  Marshalltown KB451 QLT Kneeler Board Marshalltown KB451 QLT Kneeler Board Features: • Extra large handle grips • Offers extra comfortable support for knees • Black foam pad securely fastened to generously sized polypropylene tray • 19" x 13-1/2" Marshalltown KB451 QLT Kneeler Board Specifications: • Offers extra-comfortable support for knees • Extra large handle grips • Black foam pad securely fastened to large polypropelene tray

20 7/8" x 18 1/4" Blue Stack & Nest Lids

  Case of 3 Lids. Lids snap on tightly to protect contents in Stack and Nest Containers. Lids can be fastened and locked for added security. Complies with USDA and FDA regulations for direct food contact. For use on Stack & Nest Containers. Customers also


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