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Anglo-Saxon Literature

  Excerpt: BY JOHN EARLE, M.A. RECTOR OF SWANSWICK, RAWLINSON PROFESSOR OF ANGLO-SAXON IN THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD. PUBLISHED UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE COMMITTEE OF GENERAL LITERATURE AND EDUCATION APPOINTED BY THE SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. LONDON: SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN NORTHUMBERLAND AVENUE, CHARING CROSS, W.C.; 43, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, E.C.; 26, ST. GEORGEs PLACE, HYDE PARK CORNER S.W. BRIGHTON: 133, NORTH STREET. New York: E. J.B. YOUNG CO. 1884. vPREFACE. The bulk of this little book has been a year or more in type; and, in the mean time, some important publications have appeared which it was too late for me to profit by. Among such I count the Corpus Poeticum Boreale by Dr. Gudbrand Vigfusson and Mr. York Powell; the Epinal Gloss and Alfreds Orosius by Mr. Sweet, for the Early English Text Society; an American edition of the Beowulf by Professors Harrison and Sharp; lfrics translation of Alcuin upon Genesis, by Mr. MacLean. To these I must add an article in the Anglia on the first and last of the Riddles in the Exeter Book, by Dr. Moritz Trautmann. Another recent book is the translation of Mr. Bernhard Ten Brinks work on Early English Literature, which comprises a description of thevi Anglo-Saxon period. This book is not new to me, except for the English dress that Mr. Kennedy has given to it. The German original has been often in my hand, and although I am not aware of any particular debt, such as it would have been a duty and a pleasure to acknowledge on the spot, yet I have a sentiment that Mr. Ten Brinks sympathising and judicious treatment of our earliest literature has been not only agreeable to read, but also profitable for my work. 15, Norham Road, Oxford, March 15th, 1884. viiCONTENTS. CHAPTERPAGE I.A Preliminary View1 II.The Materials28 III.The Heathen Period59 IV.The Schools of Kent79 V.The Anglian Period98 VI.The Primary Poetry119 VII.The West Saxon Laws150/...

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