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  Derek was stuck in a rut. His wonderful boyfriend, Jeremy, was too wonderful. He catered to Derek's every whim, but when it came to passion, Derek craved a lover that wasn't quite so gentle and understanding. Angry and frustrated, he sought revenge. He was lured into the anonymous world of online hook-ups by a friend. He found a man who called out to his naughty, raunchy inner slut. But Jeremy might not be the only one surprised to find out about Derek's 'casual encounter'.

French Kiss

  Sarafina didn't want a serious relationship after catching her fiance in bed with another woman. Ladies night at an exclusive Parisian nightclub provided just the distraction she needed, where her every fantasy is catered to. She came home to find her apartment ransacked and someone wanted her dead. Caught up in a dangerous game of life and death, she needed her two new lovers for more than protection, but could she submit to two men?

Hello Boys!

  Lie down, and let the billows hide your shame, Oh, shorn and naked outcast of the seas! You who confided to each ocean breeze Your coming conquests, and made loud acclaim Of your own grandeur and exalted fame; You who have catered to the world's disease; You who have drunk hate's wine, and found the lees; Lie down! and let all men forget your name!


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