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  What happens when a charming, out-of-work actor is tapped to wine, dine, and romance an attractive young woman, but he ends up falling for her sister instead? Val Antonucci, a pretty, vivacious twenty-something is quickly becoming jaded. In an effort to strengthen Val's trusting side and spice up her love-life, her older brother and sister hire the new waiter at their trattoria, Danny Alvieri, to woo her. But real sparks soon fly between Danny and Val's sister, the laid-back Lucy. Adding heat to the stew is the fact that the trattoria is in financial trouble. While Val is relatively unconcerned about this as she collects her paycheck without bothering to clock in most days, Lucy and her brother Cy have to struggle to make ends meet and fend off aggressive competitors. When their plans start to unravel, the sibling rivalry starts to boil over, and everyone involved is going to have to struggle and pull together if they plan on a feast instead of famine.

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