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Blue Stone Plot

  Rufus and Silvia work in their uncle Antonius' pottery shop. When Rufus and Silvia figure out a secret message that is left for their uncle, they want to find out the truth. But will the truth bring trouble their way? Find out how Rufus and Silvia figure out the plot and save the day.

Julius Caesar's Civil War Commentaries

  And now the Pompeians, after great havoc of our troops, were approaching Marcellinus's camp, and had struck no small terror into the rest of the cohorts, when Marcus Antonius, who commanded the nearest fort, being informed of what had happened, was observed descending from the rising ground with twelve cohorts. His arrival checked the Pompeians, and encouraged our men to recover from their extreme affright.

Slave Of My Heart

  Riana Septimus, betrothed to the most powerful man in all of the vast Roman Empire, falls desperately in love with Tan, a slave and gladiator. Their love is unlawful in the eternal city, so they flee to the countryside and join a band of gentle nomads. Antonius Cassius, malevolent First Senator of Rome, tracks the lovers down and sentences them each to fates substantially worse than death Genre: Historical Fiction, Erotic Romance Rating: Erotica - Controversial [Contains graphic sexual content and adult language]

Rome's Perfect Boy

  Marcus - a Roman slave boy kept purely for his physical beauty is now sold off by his old master, only to be bought by a new master, the handsome and powerful Equestrian, Antonius Caius Lucien, who intends put Marcus to a new kind of use. The kind of use Marcus has never known before, or could even possibly imagine in his innocence. Will Marcus accept this new life of complete submission with Antonius? Will he be the one perfect slave Antonius has always looked for? And will Marcus truly become to Master Antonius, Rome's Perfect Boy?     Excerpt:   Hurry up and buy me! Bargaining began between two matrons, but the women were stopped by a tall, lean man with short dark hair; he looked like a centurion to me even though he was not in his armour. I took eyes with him, as I should not, but I was so hot standing here, sweating a rivulet down my naked chest. The man eyed me very carefully. I saw him go to speak to my old master and begin bargaining a price. I could not hear them over the noise of the slave market, but my heart began to race with excitement…the tall man was so handsome and lean, muscled and powerful to look at. Yes, I was sure he was a centurion, for he carried a military bearing about him. And he wanted me.      He bargained strongly, forcefully, and solidus coins were given out to my old master—how much did I sell for? I saw my old master smiling and laughing, so, I must be a good price for him. And I almost wept when he went off to sign the selling papers and not once did he look back at me. He had owned me for years, and now, not even a goodbye glance…my eyes filled with tears of sorrow, and a fly settled in the corner of my left eye and I squinted it away. The tall man came for me. My heart raced when I took eyes with him again. So handsome! Oh…so handsome…


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