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The Great Progression

  The award-winning journalist and bestselling author of His Panic details the evolving role of Hispanics in shaping America's future.With the psyche of our country mired in war, changing politics, and a recession, (or even another great depression) Peabody and Emmy-Award-winning journalist Geraldo Rivera delivers keen insight and hope in The Great Progression, a prophetic book on how Hispanics are revitalizing our declining economy, energizing our distressed troops, and invigorating our transitioning national government.Featuring candid and revealing interviews with prominent Hispanics such as the new Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Jennifer Lopez, and George Lopez, The Great Progression presents a fascinating look at the impact Hispanics are making on the social, economic, and political climate of the United States. Hispanics involvement in society is at an all-time high—and growing exponentially. Geraldo's fearless and judicious reporting addresses the nation's most critical issues under the Obama administration and enlightens those who seek real change and a new, more progressive American era.A far-sighted and perceptive look ahead at our country's potential for growth and the evolving role of the Hispanic community under the Obama administration, The Great Progression is Geraldo Rivera's vision of how the nation's largest minority is shaping the future of our country.

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