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Children of the State

  Two teenage girls were toughened by a life of hardship and left to be raised by the state. They find safety in a group home and all is well...until Antonio Castiglione, a Chicago mafia kingpen, is viciously attacked. Antonio's quest for revenge eventually leads him straight to the girls, and only one person may be able to save them... Saraya Bonnet and Emilio Juarez are two of the top FBI agents in their field. With no choice but to work undercover as husband and wife at the group home where the girls live, they will be forced to take a walk in their shoes. The journey will endear them to the girls' laughter as well as their pain but it will also become a race against time, to keep Antonio from deciding who lives and who dies.

Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 102, May 28, 1892

  Excerpt: Vol. 102. May 28, 1892. [pg 253] VENICE RESERVED. (A Sketch from a Numbered Stall at Olympia.) On the Stage, the Scene represents 'A Public Place before the Arsenal,' where a number of artisans are apparently busily engaged in making horse-shoes on cold anvils in preparation for the launch of 'The Adriatica.' On extreme R. enter Antonio, who expresses commercial embarrassment by going through a sort of dumb-bell exercise on a bridge. On extreme L. enter Bassanio, Lorenzo, and Antonio, who observe, with mild surprise, that there are several other persons present, and proceed to point out objects of local interest to one another with the officious amiability of persons in the foreground of hotel advertisements. (Here a Small Boy in a box, who has an impression he is going to see a Pantomime, inquires audibly 'when the Clown Part will begin?' and has to be answered and consoled.) Bassanio perceives Antonio afar off, and advances towards him with stately deliberation, throwing out signals with one arm at intervals; Antonio goes to meet him; they shake each other by both hands with affectionate cordiality, and then turn their backs on one another, as though, on reflection, they found they had less to say than they had imagined. Presently Bassanio recollects why he wanted to see Antonio so particularly, and, by describing a circle in the air, and pointing from the electric lights above to the balcony stalls in front, and tapping his belt, puts Antonio at once in possession of his chronic impecuniosity, his passion for Portia, and his need for a small temporary loan. Antonio curls up his fists, raises them to the level of his ears, and then pretends to take his heart out of his doublet and throw it at Bassanio, who fields it with graceful dexterity, instantly comprehending with Italian intuition that his friend is, like himself, rather pressed for ready money, but is prepared to back a bill for any amount. Shylock passes that way, and is introduced by...

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