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Child Stories from the Masters

  THE TABLE OF CONTENTS:PIPPA Robert Browning From 'Pippa Passes.'MIGNON Johann Wolfgang von Goethe From 'Wilhelm Meister.'SIEGFRIED Richard Wagner From 'Niebelungen Ring.'A FISH AND A BUTTERFLY Robert Browning From 'Amphibian.'HOW MARGARET LED FAUST THROUGH THE PERFECT WORLD Johann Wolfgang von Goethe From 'Faust.'BEATRICE Dante Alighieri From 'The Inferno.'PARSIFAL Richard Wagner From 'Parsifal.'THE ANGELUS About the painting by Jean Francois Millet.FRIEDRICH AND HIS CHILD-GARDEN THE HOLY NIGHT About the painting by Antonio Allegri da Correggio.SAUL AND DAVID Robert Browning From 'Saul.'A GUIDE TO PRONUNCIATIONA WORD LIST

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