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reeves/lopez/antonini/koscina/fantoni hercules unchained (1959) (DVD)

  reeves/lopez/antonini/koscina/fantoni hercules unchained (1959) 089218321695 clr

organs of provence

  organs of provence organs of provence 794881833122 antonini (org)/chapelet (org)

The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 2.

  Excerpt: OF THE ANCIENT EASTERN WORLD; OR, THE HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, AND ANTIQUITIES OF CHALDAEA, ASSYRIA BABYLON, MEDIA, PERSIA, PARTHIA, AND SASSANIAN, OR NEW PERSIAN EMPIRE. BY GEORGE RAWLINSON, M.A., CAMDEN PROFESSOR OF ANCIENT HISTORY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD IN THREE VOLUMES. VOLUME I. With Maps and Illustrations ASSYRIA THE SECOND MONARCHY CHAPTER I. DESCRIPTION OF THE COUNTRY CHAPTER II. CLIMATE AND PRODUCTIONS CHAPTER III. THE PEOPLE CHAPTER IV. THE CAPITAL CHAPTER V. LANGUAGE AND WRITING CHAPTER VI. ARCHITECTURE AND OTHER CHAPTER VII. MANNERS AND CUSTOMS CHAPTER VIII. RELIGION CHAPTER IX. CHRONOLOGY AND HISTORY REFERENCES [Click on Maps to Enlarge] LIST OF AUTHORS AND EDITIONS QUOTED IN THE NOTES. ABULPHARAGIUS, Chronicon Syriacum, ed. J. Bruno, Lipsim, 1789. Agathangelus, Historia Regni Tiridatis, in C. Muller's Fragm. Hist. Gr. vol. v.,Parisiis, 1870. Agathias, in the Corpus Script. Hist. Byz. of B. G. Niebuhr, Bonnm, 1828. Ammianus Marcellinus, ed. Gronovius, Lugd. Bat., 1693. Analecta Grmca, ed. Benedict., Lutetite Parisioruin, 1688. Annales de l'Institut Archeologique, Paris, 1828, c. Anonymus (continuator of Dio Cassius),in the Fragm. Hist. Gr., vol. iv., Parisiis, 1851. Antonini Itinerarium, ed. Parthey et Pinder, Berolini, 1848. Appianus, Historia Romana, ed. H. Stephanus, Parisiis. 1592. Aristotle, Ethica Nicomachea, ed.Tauchnitz, Lipsim, 1831. Arrianus, Exped. Alex., ed. Tauchnitz, Lipsim, 1829. Fragments of, in the Fragm. Hist.Greec. of C. MUller, vol. iii., Parisiis, 1849. Historia Indica. in C. Muller's Geographi Minores, Parisiis, 1855-1861. Asseman, Bibliotheca Orientalis, Romae, 1719-1728. Athanasius, Opera, ed. Benedict., Parisiis, 1698. Athenaeus, Deipnosophistw,ed. Schweighmuser, Argentorat., 1801-1807. Atkinson, Firdausi, in the Publications of the Oriental Translation Committee, London, 1832. Augnstinus, Opera, ed. Benedict., Antwerpim, 1700. Aurelius Victor, Hist. Rom. Brevi...

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