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Antonina - Webster's English Thesaurus Edition

  Wilkie Collins' 'Antonina' is a classic work read by book lovers, students and scholars. This is a special edition which exposes readers to a variety of phrases and terminology from this genre. The 'click to Webster's English thesaurus' tool is perfect for those who want to enjoy this classic, and also improve their vocabulary.

Antonina, or The Fall of Rome

  Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) was an early master of mystery and suspense, writing such classics as The Moonstone, The Woman in White, and Basil. Antonina, or, The Fall of Rome was his first published novel, a colorful tale of ancient Rome. Of this work, Collins wrote: 'To the fictitious characters alone is committed the task of representing the spirit of the age. The Roman emperor, Honorius, and the Gothic king, Alaric, mix but little personally in the business of the story-only appearing in such events, and acting under such circumstances, as the records of history strictly authorize-but exact truth in respect to time, place, and circumstance is observed in every historical event introduced in the plot, from the period of the march of the Gothic invaders over the Alps to the close of the first barbarian blockade of Rome.'

Antonina - Webster's French Thesaurus Edition

  Wilkie Collins' 'Antonina' is a classic work read by book lovers, students and scholars. This is a special edition which exposes readers to a variety of English phrases and terminology from this genre. While the text is in English, the 'click and translate' thesaurus, in French, is a perfect tool for French speakers who need to enjoy this English-language classic, and also learn English words. If you are a non-English speaker, you can use this version to help you improve your vocabulary in preparation of English-language tests. While designed for French speakers wishing to learn English, English-speakers wanting to pick up French vocabulary may also find the French thesaurus feature of interest (the text is entirely in English, only the pop-up thesaurus is in French).

Voyage of the Liberdade

  Excerpt: Captain Joshua Slocum Robinson Stephenson Boston 1890 [Pg v] CONTENTS GREETING CHAPTER I The shipThe crewA hurricaneCape Verde IslandsFrioA pampeiro. CHAPTER II MontevideoBeggarsAntonina for matAntonina to Buenos AiresThe bombelia. CHAPTER III Salvage of a cargo of wineSailors happyCholera in the ArgentineDeath in the landDutch HarryPete the GreekNoted crimpsBoat lostSail for Ilha GrandeExpelled from the portSerious hardships. CHAPTER IV Ilha Grande decreeReturn to RosarioWaiting opening of the Brazilian portsScarcity of sailorsBuccaneers turned pilotsSail down the riverArrive at Ilha Grande the second timeQuarantined and fumigatedAdmitted to pratiqueSail for RioAgain challengedRio at last. CHAPTER V At RioSail for Antonina with mixed cargoA pampeiroShip on beam-endsCargo still more mixedTopgallant-masts carried awayArrive [Pg vi]safely at Antonina. CHAPTER VI MutinyAttempt at robbery and murderFour against oneTwo go down before a rifleOrder restored. CHAPTER VII Join the bark at MontevideoA good crewSmall-pox breaks outBear up for Maldonado and FlorasNo aidDeath of sailorsTo Montevideo in distressQuarantine. CHAPTER VIII A new crewSail for AntoninaLoad timberNative canoesLoss of the Aquidneck. CHAPTER IX The building of the Liberdade. CHAPTER X Across the barThe run to SantosTow to Rio by the steamshipAt Rio. CHAPTER XI Sail from RioAnchor at Cape FrioEncounter with a whaleSunken treasureThe schoolmasterThe merchantThe good people at the [Pg vii]villageA pleasant visit. CHAPTER XII Sail from FrioRound Cape St. ThorneHigh seas and swift currentsIn the 'trades'Dangerous reefsRun into harbour unawares, on a dark and stormy nightAt GaravellasFine weatherA galePort St. PauloTreacherous nativesSail for Bahia. CHAPTER XIII At BahiaMeditations on the discoverersThe Caribbees. CHAPTER XIV Bahia to PernambucoThe meeting of the Finance at seaAt PernambucoRound Cape St. RoqueA galeBreakersThe stretch to BarbadoesFlying-fish alighting on deckDismastedArrive at...


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