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Antonia Giannotti Pulci: Selected Poetry

  A brief biography, bibliography and selected poetry (dual language, Italian/English) of Antonia Giannotti Pulci.

A Comfortable Wife

  Immerse yourself in the glitter of Regency times and follow the lives and romantic escapades of Stephanie Laurens’ Lester family. Miss Antonia Mannering was not going to dwindle into becoming an old maid! She and Lord Philip Ruthven had been childhood friends who had not seen each other for years. And although considered a very eligible bachelor, Philip remained unmarried. With Philip’s close friend Harry Lester recently married, Antonia only hopes that she can convince Philip of the bliss marriage brings, that she can run his home and not disgrace him in Society. But is Philip ready to set up his nursery…with Antonia as his wife? ‘Laurens’ writing shines.’ Publishers Weekly

Chimes of Mission Bells - Webster's English Thesaurus Edition

  Maria Antonia Field's 'Chimes of Mission Bells' is a classic work read by book lovers, students and scholars. This is a special edition which exposes readers to a variety of phrases and terminology from this genre. The 'click to Webster's English thesaurus' tool is perfect for those who want to enjoy this classic, and also improve their vocabulary.

My Antonia-Complete Summary & Analysis by Rajasir

  About Willa Cather Introduction to My Antonia Summary in Brief Characters Book One (Summary and Analysis) Book Two (Summary and Analysis) Book Three (Summary and Analysis) Book Four (Summary and Analysis) Book Five (Summary and Analysis)


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