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TARANTELLA, A Romance, Volume II

  CONTENTS: BOOK II (continued.) CHAPTER XXIII. WED IN HASTE CHAPTER XXIV. FALLINGS OUT CHAPTER XXV. IN THE STUDIO CHAPTER XXVI. DESERTED CHAPTER XXVII. VICTORY AND DEFEAT CHAPTER XXVIII. SPELL-BOUND CHAPTER XXIX. A STRANGE ENCOUNTERCHAPTER XXX. A NEW VERSION OF AN OLD STORY CHAPTER XXXI. A STORM IN A BOUDOIR CHAPTER XXXII. A DIRE DAWNING BOOK III. CHAPTER XXXIII. THE LOST RING CHAPTER XXXIV. REJECTED AND ACCEPTED CHAPTER XXXV. FRAU LICHTENFELD ON MATRIMONY CHAPTER XXXVI. THE APPLE OF YOUTH CHAPTER XXXVII. EXPLANATIONS CHAPTER XXXVIII. PASSING AWAY CHAPTER XXXIX. THE SNOW-BRIDE CHAPTER XL. THE TRUE TARANULACHAPTER XLI. IN THE TOILS CHAPTER XLII. 'WHAT HAS ONE DONE, THOU HAPLESS CHILD, TO THEE?' CHAPTER XLIII. WITHIN AND WITHOUT CHAPTER XLIV. THE MARRIAGE MORN CHAPTER XLV. RETRO ME SATANAS CHAPTER XLVI. RESURGAM an excerpt from CHAPTER XXIII -WED IN HASTE'I NEEDN'T detain you over the number of times we changed horses and postillions, all the bribes I gave and the scudi I disbursed. Poor Antonella was sound asleep in her plaid shawl and green veil, as, towards four o'clock of the second morning of our flight, we drove through the gates of Rome. Without further accident we reached Raoul's studio on the Piazza Barberini, where we had decided for the present to locate our fair charge. She woke up with a start, and to all intents and purposes her sleep seemed to have sufficed for a night's rest. At any rate, no signs of lassitude impaired her complexion or the wonderful brilliancy of her eyes, as with a kind of childish awe she surveyed the weird surroundings of Leroux's studio. 'Everything was new, strange, and astounding, to the Ana-Capri maiden: the numberless canvases that leant against the lower part of the walls, the worm-eaten tapestries that covered their upper portions, the yataghans, the shields, the chain-mail that hung on them, the pictures on the easel, the casts, the masks, the anatomical corchs that filled all spaces, the hollow suit of armour that shone in one dark corner, the skeleton with a pipe in its mouth that filled another; and, more horrific than all, the lay-figure which, in its silk dress and ringlets, she mistook for the lady of the house, and which elicited a little scream from her as she noticed its vacant stare and oddly twisted fingers. Then there was the portrait of the Cardinal that would stare at her, move to which side she would; the gorgeous Persian cat that sprang loudly purring on its master's shoulders; the brilliant and clamorous macaw, and the dreadful little black monkey, that, shocking to relate, had caught her by the silk train, for which it received a caning. All this, and much more, filled her with speechless amazement.

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