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Antoine's Alphabet

  Antoine Watteau, one of the most mysterious painters who ever lived, is the inspiration for this delightful investigation of the tangled relationship between art and life. Weaving together historical fact and personal reflections, the influential art critic Jed Perl reconstructs the amazing story of this pioneering bohemian artist who, although he died in 1721, when he was only thirty-six, has influenced innumerable painters and writers in the centuries sinceand whose work continues to deepen our understanding of the place that love, friendship, and pleasure have in our daily lives. Perl creates an astonishing experience by gathering his reflections on this master of silken surfaces and elusive emotions in the form of an alphabeta fairy tale for adultsgiving us a new way to think about art. This brilliant collage of a book is a hunt for the treasure of Watteaus life and vision that encompasses the glamour and intrigue of eighteenth-century Paris, the riotous history of Harlequin and Pierrot, and the work of such modern giants as Czanne, Picasso, and Samuel Beckett. By turns somber and beguiling, analytical and impressionistic, Antoines Alphabet reaffirms the contemporary relevance of the greatest of all painters of young love and imperishable dreams. It is a book to savor, to share, to return to again and again.

The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 09, No. 51, January, 1862

  Excerpt: A MAGAZINE OF LITERATURE, ART, AND POLITICS. VOLUME IX. M DCCC LXII. CONTENTS Underlined titles are in this issue CONTENTS. ISSUE. A.C., The Experiences of the, 52. Agnes of Sorrento, 51, 52, 53, 54. American Civilization, 54. Author of Charles Auchester, The, 56. Autobiographical Sketches of a Strength-Seeker, 51. Childhood, Concerning the Sorrows of, 53. Clough, Arthur Hugh, 54. Cooper, James Fenimore, 51. Ease in Work, 52. Forester, The, 54. Fremonts Hundred Days in Missouri, 51, 52, 53. Fruits of Free Labor in the Smaller Islands of the British West Indies, 53. German Burns, The, 54. Health of Our Girls, The, 56. Hindrance, 55. Horrors of San Domingo, The, 56. Individuality, 54. Jefferson and Slavery, 51. John Lamar, 54. Letter to a Young Contributor, 54. Light Literature, 51. Love and Skates, 51, 52. Man under Sealed Orders, 55. Methods of Study in Natural History, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56. My Garden, 55. Old Age, 51. Our Artists in Italy, 52. Pre Antoines Date-Palm, 56. Pilgrimage to Old Boston, 51. Raft that no Man made, A, 53. Richelieu, The Statesmanship of, 55. Rifle, The Use of the, 53. Saltpetre as a Source of Power, 55. Sam Adams Regiments in the Town of Boston, The, 56. Slavery, in its Principles, Development, and Expedients, 55. Snow, 52. Solid Operations in Virginia, 56. South Breaker, The, 55, 56. Spain, The Rehabilitation of, 53. Spirits, 55. Story of To-Day, A, 51, 52, 53. Taxation, 53. Then and Now in the Old Dominion, 54. Walking, 56. War and Literature, 56. Weather in War, 55. What shall We do with Them?, 54. POETRY. Astraea at the Capitol, 56. At Port Royal, 1861, 52. Battle-Hymn of the Republic, 52. Birdofredum Sawin,...

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