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Technological Turf Wars: A Case Study of the Computer Antivirus Industry

  In Technological Turf Wars, Jessica Johnston analyzes the tensions and political dilemmas that coexist in the interrelationship among science, technology and society. Illustrating how computer security is as concerned with social relationships as it is with technology, Johnston provides an illuminating ethnography that considers corporate culture and the workplace environment of the antivirus industry.Using a qualitative, interdisciplinary approach, which combines organizational and security studies with critical and social analysis of science and technology, Johnston questions the motivations, contradictions and negotiations of antivirus professionals. She examines the tensions between the service ethics and profit motives—does the industry release viruses to generate demand for antivirus software?—and considers the dynamics within companies by looking at facets such as gender bias and power politics. Technological Turf Wars is an informed, enlightened and entertaining view of how the production of computer security technology is fraught with social issues.

Bigelow's Virus Troubleshooting Pocket Reference (Pocket Referen

  With the growing number of viruses infecting computers-and an increasing level of damage-safeguarding your system has never been more important than now. This useful pocket reference shows you how to detect viruses, what steps to take once infected, and how to prevent future attacks. Concise and thorough, this handy guide contains all you need for diagnosing and troubleshooting destructive computer viruses-including the newest generation of network email *worms*. Inside you'll find out about: *Exposed Virus Myths and Hoaxes * Antivirus Laws * Symptoms of Infection * Antivirus Software Scanning Methods Renowned anti-virus professional Ken Dunham reveals various troubleshooting scenarios, making this practical reference invaluable for all computer professionals and technicians.

Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet

  Protect your children from dangers that lurk on the Internet. Learn to identify the real threats--be they pedophiles, cyber-stalkers, hackers, spyware, viruses, or adware--and formulate an effective protection plan. Choose the best software for your needs and your budget from the books independent review of firewalls, web filters, anti-virus products, and more. Plus, a companion Web site hosted by the author includes updated data and information. Get FREE eTrust EZ Antivirus Software for ONE YEAR with Purchase of This Book--a $29.95 USD value.  


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