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ang 105 lrs benasuttiang 12 akdang pampanitikanang 12 elemento ng tulaang 13 na elemento ng tula
ang 136ang 14 presidente ng pilipinasang 151 signal bn camden scang 185th
ang 1987 konstitusyonang 2 sangay ng panitikan

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On Not Speaking Chinese: Living between Asia and the West

  Leading cultural thinker Ien Ang engages with urgent questions of identity in an age of globalization and diaspora. Ang reflects upon tensions between `Asia' and `the West' at a national and global level, and considers the disparate meanings of `Chineseness' in the contemporary world. Ang then turns to `the West', exploring the paradox of Australia's identity as a `Western' country in the Asian region, and tracing Australia's uneasy relationship with its Asian neighbors, from the White Australia policy to contemporary multicultural society. Finally, Ang draws together her discussion of `Asia' and `the West' to consider the social and intellectual space of the `in-between', arguing for a theorizing not of `difference' but of `togetherness' in contemporary societies.


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