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  The spellbinding story of an American lawyer who takes on a nearly impossible case—the defense of an African freedom fighter against his corrupt government’s charge of murderDamon Pierce’s life has just reached a defining moment: a gifted California lawy

U.S. P-51D Mustang - Germany 1944 Model Aircraft

  The P-51 Mustang was the most successful World War II US fighter in the European Theater. The American Mustangs destroyed 4,950 enemy aircraft in Europe making it the highest scoring US fighter in the theater. The popular and powerful P-51D was the most versatile, most feared, and produced in the greatest quantities, over 7,900 in WWII: Features: Rotating Propeller. Opening Cockpit. Retractable Landing Gear. Adjustable Ailerons. Removable & Restorable Munitions. Two Pilot Figures. Specifications: Dimensions - Height (Inches). 5. Dimensions - Length (Inches). 12. Dimensions - Width (Inches). 13. Gross Weight (lbs.). 4.8. Shipping Carton Gross Weight (lbs.). 9.8.

Hounding The Moon

  Tess Noncoire is a bestselling fantasy writer. She's also become a demon fighter trained in martial arts by the Sisterhood of the Celestial Blade Warriors and partnered with a mischievous imp named Scrap. Together they must find a young Native American girl who has disappeared -- before she falls victim to a ferocious hound. As the hunt grows more desperate, the forces of darkness close in on them. Will an old Native American myth prove the key to salvation or to the end of life on Earth?

The Battleground

  W.E.B. Griffin is a bestselling phenomenom, an American master of authentic military action and drama. Now, in this electrifying new novel, he reveals the story of one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Pacific, the epic struggle for Guadalcanal...Daredevil pilot Charles Galloway learns the hard way how to command a fighter squadron. Lt. Joe Howard teams up with the Coastwatchers. Jack 'No Middle Initial' Stecker leads his infantry battalion into the thickest of fighting, at a terrible price. And Navy Captain Pickering grabs a helmet and rifle to join the ranks at Guadalcanal...


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