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The American Constitution and the Debate over Originalism

  Located at the intersection of law, political science, philosophy, and literary theory, this is a work of constitutional theory that explores the nature of American constitutional interpretation through a reconsideration of the long-standing debate between the interpretive theories of originalism and nonoriginalism. It traces that debate to a particular set of premises about the nature of language, interpretation, and objectivity, premises that raise the specter of unconstrained, unstructured constitutional interpretation that has haunted contemporary constitutional theory. It presents the novel argument that a critique of the underlying premises of originalism dissolves not just originalism but nonoriginalism as well, which leads to the recognition that constitutional interpretation is already and always structured. It makes this argument in terms of the first principle of the American political system: by their fidelity to the Constitution, Americans are a textual people in that they live in and through the terms of a fundamental text.

Switchtime at Midnight

  The two central figures, Eva and Ned Moe, are led by stages into profound character transformation. The author's unique contribution is to explore the mechanism by which such radical changes in personality types can take place. Today, it is often argued that the very foundation of the institution of marriage is in jeopardy. No serious observer of modern American society will deny the importance of the questions posed in this book. Within our contemporary social fabric, widely divergent values and attitudes are held about such basic cultural determinants as marital fidelity, group sex and the very nature of sensual gratification. How can these dashingly different codes exist side by side in the same community? How are such shifts in attitude transmitted? One has quite often heard of the breakdown of earlier, stricter beliefs in the area of sex and marriage; what Mr. Hemmingway has given us here is a detailed, valuable account of the insidious process by which such abrupt shifts in the moral code come about.

Lord Jim and Nostromo

  NostromoOriginally published in 1904, Nostromo is considered by many to be Conrad's supreme achievement. Set in the imaginary South American republic of Costaguana, the novel reveals the effects of unbridled greed and imperialist interests on many different lives. Although each character's potential for good is ultimately corrupted, Nostromo underscores Conrad's belief in fidelity, moral discipline, and the need for human communion. The author himself described the book as 'an intense creative effort on what I suppose will remain my largest canvas.' 'Conrad endeavored to create a great, massive, multiphase symbol that would render his total vision of the world, his sense of individual destiny, his sense of man's place in nature, his sense of history and society,' observed Robert Penn Warren. 'Nostromo is the most strikingly modern of Conrad's novels,' said V. S. Pritchett. 'It is pervaded by a profound, even morbid sense of insecurity which is the very spirit of our age.' This volume is the companion to the acclaimed multipart series aired on Masterpiece Theatre.Lord JimLord Jim is a classic story of one man's tragic failure and eventual redemption, told under the circumstances of high adventure at the margins of the known world which made Conrad's work so immediately popular. But it is also the book in which its author, through a brilliant adaptation of his stylistic apparatus to his obsessive moral, psychological and political concerns, laid the groundwork for the modern novel as we know it.

The Book of Three Hundred Anecdotes: Historical, Literary, and H

  Excerpt: HISTORICAL, LITERARY, AND HUMOROUS. A NEW SELECTION. BURNS OATES. London: Granville Mansions. New York: Barclay Street. INDEX. AFFECTION. ARTISTS. BEGGING. BENEVOLENCE. BOOKS. BONAPARTE. CHARITY. DINNERS. DOCTORS. THE DRAMAACTORS, ETC. DUTY. FIDELITY. FONTENELLE. FOOLS. FORGIVENESS. FRIENDS. GRATITUDE. GHOSTS. HEROISM. HOSPITALITY. HUMANITY. IMAGINATION AND FEAR. JOHNSON. KINGS. LAWS AND LAWYERS. LIBRARIANS. MAGNANIMITY. MUSICIANS. PARLIAMENT. PATIENCE. POETS. POLITENESS. PRESENCE OF MIND. PRIDE OF RANK AND ANCESTRY. PUNCTUALITY. ROBBERS. SAILORS. SCHOOLS. SERVANTS. SIGNS. SOLDIERS. TEMPER. TIME, VALUE OF. TRAVELLING. WAR. MISCELLANEOUS. INDEX. Abernethy, 26 Abon Hannifah, 39 Actors, 27-33 Adam, Dr., and the Schoolboy, 106 Affection, 1-5 Aguesseau, D', Chancellor of France, 115 Alban's, Duchess of, and the Sailor, 28 Algerine Captain, 119 Alphonsus, King of Naples, 39 American Heroines, 135 Amour, St., General, 1 Andr, St., Marquis de, 90 Artists, 5-9 Astley Cooper, 26 Atterbury, in the House of Peers, 113 Bakers, The, of Lyons, 18 Bailly, MissEscape of the Pretender, 94 Bannister, 19 Bautru and the Spanish Librarian, 77 Bayard, The Chevalier, 80 Beauvais, Ladies of, 118 Begging, 10 Belmont, Countess de, 45 Benbow and the Wounded Sailor, 101 Benevolence, 11-13 Ben Jonson at Dinner, 21 p...


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