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Davy Crockett

  Davy Crockett’s name has become synonymous with the settling of the American frontier. Students will learn the facts about this American original, who was a farmer, hunter, soldier, and politician, as well as more of the stories that made him famous during and after his lifetime.

Cooper Tools 08922 8" Farmer's Own, Carded

  Cooper Tools 08922 8" Farmer's Own, Carded Cooper Hand Tools, a division of Cooper Industries, Inc., manufactures and markets many well-known brands of hand tools, chain, and electronic soldering products, including Campbell® chain, Crescent® brand wrenches and pliers, Lufkin® measuring tools, Nicholson® files and saws, Plumb® hammers, H.K. Porter® bolt cutters, Weller® soldering products, and Wiss® snips. Cooper Tools 08922 8" Farmer's Own, Carded Features: • American pattern farmer's own file • General purpose file suited for agricultural use • Rectangular shape, single cut, safe edges • Length measured exclusive of handle • Convenient hang up hole Cooper Tools 08922 8" Farmer's Own, Carded Specifications: • UPC Code: 037103089229 • Tooth Type: American Pattern • File Cut: Single • Length: 8 in. • Packaging: Peg Hook/Retail Packaging • American pattern farmer's own file • General purpose file suited for agricultural use • Rectangular shape, single cut and safe edges • Length measured exclusive of handle • Convenient hang up hole

Democracy, Revolution, and Monarchism in Early American Literature

  Paul Downes combines literary criticism and political history in order to explore responses to the rejection of monarchism in the American revolutionary era. Downes' analysis considers the Declaration of Independence, Franklin's Autobiography, CrËvecoeur's Letters From An American Farmer, and the works of America's first significant literary figures including Brockden Brown, Washington Irving and James Fennimore Cooper. He claims that the new democratic American state and citizen inherited some of the complex features of absolute monarchy, even as they were strenuously trying to assert their difference from it. In chapters that consider the revolution's mock execution of George III, the Elizabethan notion of the 'king's two bodies', and the political significance of the secret ballot, Downes points to the traces of monarchical political structures within the practices and discourses of early American democracy. This is an ambitious study of an important theme in early American culture and society.

Airman: The Life of Richard F. B. Gimmi

  Airman is brought to life through eyewitness accounts recalled from the vivid memory of someone fortunate and bold enough to have lived his dream. Referenced with declassified combat reports, war diaries, government documents and eyewitness accounts; this is a biography of an extraordinary Air Force pilot, Richard F. B. Gimmi, who began his career flying B-25s in World War II and ultimately flew the F-105 in combat over North Vietnam. Richard Farmer Bower 'Dick' Gimmi, Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1921. The Great War ended two and a half years earlier and Dick's parents, Richard and Helene Gimmi, were about to enjoy the coming wave of American postwar economic prosperity when their son came into the world. It was the cusp of the Roaring Twenties and Dick's father, Richard Farmer Bower Gimmi, was scion to a family fortune. In his youth, Dick was swept up in an era that romanticized aviation and made the airplane and the pilots who flew them the center of American popular culture. This story, as told by his son, revolves around his dogged determination to become the fighter pilot he had aspired to be since his boyhood days growing up in the aviation-mad era of the 1920s and 30s.


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