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Use Your Camp Values to Change Disrespect Into Respect (DVD)

  The culture of incivility and disrespect is on the rise. The number of disrespectful campers, staff, and parents has created difficult challenges. Use Your Camp Values to Change Disrespect Into Respect presents an overview of the changing culture that has led to this situation. The DVD also examines three core values that should be emphasized in order to increase loyalty and retention in camp families. The DVD explains how to utilize the three key core values that camper families and staff need to have a great summer. Among the topics covered: the change in family values, parent values are changing, nurture, boundaries, structure, and self-esteem, latitude and problem solving, and turning challenges into greater camper loyalty. Produced in cooperation with the American Camp Association.

The Garlic in the Melting Pot

  From the streets of Brooklyn and the horse trails of Saratoga Springs, Lew tells of the life he led as an Italian-American, becoming more aware of how his ethnic group with its values of family and hard work, made him into the successful man he became.

Little Family, Big Values: Lessons in Love, Respect, and Understanding for Families of Any Size

  From the stars of TLC's critically acclaimed reality show Little People, Big World comes heartfelt advice to help today's families overcome life's obstacles together and grow closer in the process. The Roloffs are no ordinary family. Parents Matt and Amy are little people raising four children: a pair of teenage twins, Jeremy and Zachary, one of whom is average size and one who is little; preteen daughter, Molly; and the youngest, Jacob. Being part of this unique family -- where something as simple as shopping for back-to-school clothing can be a real challenge -- has presented no shortage of struggles, and in Little Family, Big Values the Roloffs share the values that have helped them and become the cornerstone of their bond. Through family stories, each member of the family weighs in on the importance of these values in their life and the lessons -- sometimes hard -- they've learned in doing their best to live by them. In these inspiring stories, the Roloffs show us why they've become such a beloved American family and offer advice on how all families can put these values into practice to achieve a greater level of love, respect, and understanding -- no matter what their size.

Poor Richard's Principle: Recovering the American Dream Through the Moral Dimension of Work, Business, and Money

  The American Dream is in serious danger, according to Robert Wuthnow--not because of economic conditions, but because its moral underpinnings have been forgotten. In the past this vision was not simply a formula for success, but a moral perspective that framed our thinking about work and money in terms of broader commitments to family, community, and humanitarian values. Nowadays, we are working harder than ever, and yet many of us feel that we are not realizing our higher aspirations as individuals or as a people. Here Wuthnow examines the struggles in which American families are now engaged as they try to balance work and family, confront the pressures of consumerism, and find meaning in their careers.


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