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America's Health Care Crisis Solved: Money-Saving Solutions, Coverage for Everyone

  America's Health Care Crisis Solved, highlights the major pitfalls of the current American health care system and show why, without changes, health care costs will soon demolish the American economy. The alternative they address includes bringing the self-interest of the American consumer into the purchase of health care. The authors examine how an insured family's spending can be reduced by as much as the deductible and how for the uninsured, the government could stand in place of an employer to pay part of the cost of health insurance. Page by page, Rooney and Perrin skillfully explain their innovative plan for effectively achieving these goals and lowering costs.

Shallow Grave

  Surveillance on an insurance fraud case in Bear Butte County unfolds tragically for PI Julie Collins when the reappearance of a mysterious hole-the cause of a fatal accident-brings about the landowner's unsettling confession. Bones were recently uncovered on the remote ridge but, fearing repercussions from their illegal off-season hunting, the hunters reburied the remains and kept quiet. Now the hole is back, but the bones have vanished. Julie is left to wonder Were the bones part of an ancient Indian burial ground or perhaps connected to the unsolved disappearance of a Native American woman? The overworked, understaffed sheriff asks for Julie's help, but the case opens old wounds and she soon finds herself at odds with the Native American community. On the wrong side of tribal politics, family disputes, and employee rivalries, Julie continues to dig for answers, while the personal stakes climb ever higher.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Your Military and Veterans Benefits

  The U.S. Armed Forces exists in a reality all its own. Members are fed, paid, clothed, housed, and protected in a way few other American citizens can claim. Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines can shop at low-price grocery stores, protect their families with low-cost insurance, and earn a lifetime pension before they turn 40 years old. In fact, military life offers so many benefits and perks, it's hard for the average serviceman or woman to keep track of them. Finally, here is a guide that explains the benefits and how to obtain them. Inside, readers will find: * Clear and precise explanations of active duty family benefits * Details on veteran education and medical benefits * A money-saving guide to discounts for both active duty personnel and veterans

Cadillac Orpheus: A Novel

  Inspired by Carl Hiaasen and Victor D. LaValle in equal measure, Solon Timothy Woodward mines the nether regions of Florida in search of high drama and raucous comedy. Full of sex, death, and humor, this bawdy, brilliant debut introduces us to three generations of a family in the boisterous, unholy, uncompromising landscape that is the South of today. Nowhere are the careless vagaries of fate more evident than in a town called Johnsonville on the northern Florida coast, where a family called the Toaks have pushed every possible social boundary to its logical extreme for three generations. Feddy Toak, in his forties, is a medical school dropout, recovering alcohol and cocaine addict, and former handyman. He lives marginally in cheap rental properties owned by his father, Teo, one of Johnsonville's most prosperous bail bondsmen, slumlord, and idol to a diminishing old guard of hustlers and con men who frequent such dives as the He Ain't Here Lounge. Jesmond Toak, Feddy's son, haunted by his father's violent past and current failures, is turning toward the low road. The entire city seethes with schemes and intrigue and the plot builds as monies are reaped from a black youth falsely arrested for the murder of a white cop, insurance scams involving poor residents stricken with cancer and AIDS, and nefarious land deals involving cemeteries and real-estate scam artists. Suicides and murders, infidelities and violence mount and converge with shattering precision on the eve of a hurricane, forcing the entire community to struggle with its demons -- and search for some chance at redemption. Chronicling a slice of American landscape and culture with rare levels of depth and originality, Cadillac Orpheus defies categorization: it is by turns exuberant, terrifying, hilarious, brave, brazen, and, above all, wondrous.


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