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The WetFeet Insider Guide to the Top 25 Financial Services Firms, 2004 edition

  In The WetFeet Insider Guide to the Top 25 Financial Services Firms, you will learn what companies from A.G. Edwards and American Express to UBS and Wells Fargo specialize in; recent milestones for each, ranging from corporate restructuring to mergers and acquisitions; what it's like to work for these companies; how to make contact and with whom, as well as what's involved in the hiring process; how to ace your interviews . . . and more!


  from the PREFACE TO THE AMERICAN EDITION: There is no country in the world where the 'study of character' is more indulged in than in the United States of America. During my many visits there I could not help remarking how even the 'hardest headed' business men used any form of this study that they could get hold of to help them in their business dealings with other men and also in endeavouring to ascertain the character of their clerks and employees. In looking over the records of my career I find that in the course of my visits to America I gave private lessons to the heads of two hundred and seventy business establishments in New York, one hundred and thirty-five in Boston, and three hundred and forty-two in Chicago. All these men were large employers of labour and what they principally wanted was, to have some help beyond that of their own judgment in dealing with those with whom they came in contact in the regular course of their business careers. In no other country did I find the same interest taken in the study of character from a practical standpoint. It is for this reason that I write a special Preface for this Edition, believing as I do that my American[Pg iv] readers will appreciate the added information I may be able to give regarding the obtaining by a mere glance at a hand a quick grasp of the leading characteristics of the persons with whom they are thrown into contact, or for whatever reason they choose to make use of this study. Everyone knows that 'the face can wear a mask,' that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the best judgment. But hands cannot change as the result of a mere effort to please; the character they express is the real nature of the individualthe true character that has been formed by heredity or that has grown up with the person by long years of habit. The characteristics alluded to below are those which may be easily observed and which are aids to a rapid judgment of character and which I have never before been able to give to the public in such a concise way. The more elaborate details concerning the ultimate success of the person one is talking to, their more intimate character and their future development will be found in their proper place, in the subsequent chapters.

American Standard 2506.821.075 Moments Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Stainless Steel

  American Standard 2506.821.075 Moments Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Stainless Steel The Moments Collection introduces style that is firmly rooted in architectural trends. It's a style that will last - valued for its simplicity and its functionality. The Moments Collection was created by the award-winning German design studio Artefakt, in line with current design tendencies that express a softening in the interpretation of European minimalism. "We used simple shapes," said Artefact Designer Achim Pohl, who initiated the project along with his partner Tomas Fiegl. "The surfaces are soft, flowing forms, giving Moments its own personalized spirit, able to reach across cultural boundaries and always recognized as a modern image." Moments won a product design award for 2007 in the Household/ Residential category at the International Forum (IF) Design GmbH in Hanover, Germany. All residential Moments collection bathroom sink faucets are WaterSense® certified. Style and substance strike a perfect balance in the bathroom faucet collections from American Standard. Our faucets are engineered to look beautiful and function flawlessly. Worry-free, drip-free and built to last, all of our bathroom faucets are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty on function and finish. American Standard 2506.821.075 Moments Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Stainless Steel Features: • The easiest faucet to install, guaranteed. • Speed Connect from American Standard-the pre-assembled drain that makes American Standard the easiest brand bathroom faucet to install. • Brass Construction: Durable. Ideal for prolonged contact with water. Provides the finest surface for application of colors and finishes. • Ceramic Disc Valve Cartridges: Assures a lifetime of drip-free performance. • Low Lead: Meets NSF Standard 61/Section 9 & Prop 65 lead requirements. • Exclusive Speed Connect Metal Drain • Fewer parts. Installs in less time. • No adjustments required - seals the first time, every time. • Flexible stainless steel cable - installs effortlessly in tight spaces. • Upscale European style • Brass Spout • Metal lever handles • Cast brass valve bodies with reinforced flexible hose connections for 6-12" installations • Metal Speed Conntect™ pop-up drain • Model Number: 2506821.075

Painter in a Savage Land: The Strange Saga of the First European

  In this vibrantly told, meticulously researched book, Miles Harvey reveals one of the most fascinating and overlooked lives in American history. Like The Island of Lost Maps, his bestselling book about a legendary map thief, Painter in a Savage Land is a compelling search into the mysteries of the past. This is the thrilling story of Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, the first European artist to journey to what is now the continental United States with the express purpose of recording its wonders in pencil and paint. Le Moyne’s images, which survive today in a series of spectacular engravings, provide a rare glimpse of Native American life at the pivotal time of first contact with the Europeans–most of whom arrived with the preconceived notion that the New World was an almost mythical place in which anything was possible.In 1564 Le Moyne and three hundred other French Protestants landed off the coast of Florida, hoping to establish the first permanent European settlement in the sprawling territory that would become the United States. Their quest ended in gruesome violence, but Le Moyne was one of the few colonists to escape, returning across the Atlantic to create dozens of illustrations of the local Native Americans–works of lasting importance to scholars. Today, he is also recognized as an influential early painter of flowers and plants.A Zelig-like persona, Le Moyne worked for some of the most prominent figures of his time, including Sir Walter Raleigh. Harvey’s research, moreover, suggests a fascinating link to the notorious Mary Queen of Scots. Largely forgotten until the twentieth century, Le Moyne’s pieces have become increasingly sought after in the art world–at a 2005 auction, a previously unknown book of his botanical drawings sold for a million dollars.In re-creating the life and legacy of Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues, Miles Harvey weaves a tale of both intellectual intrigue and swashbuckling drama. Replete with shipwrecks, mutinies, religious wars, pirate raids, and Indian attacks, Painter in a Savage Land is truly a tour de force of narrative nonfiction.From the Hardcover edition.


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