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The Child's World: Third Reader

  Excerpt: THIRD READER BY HETTY S. BROWNE Extension worker in rural school practice Winthrop Normal and Industrial College Rock Hill, S.C. SARAH WITHERS Principal Elementary Grades and Critic Teacher Winthrop Normal and Industrial College AND W.K. TATE Professor of Rural Education George Peabody College for Teachers Nashville, Tenn. JOHNSON PUBLISHING COMPANY Richmond, Virginia {2} TEACHERS' AIDS Success with the Child's World Readers is in no wise dependent on the use of the chart, manual, or cards. Modern teachers of reading, however, recognize the saving of time and effort to be accomplished for both their pupils and themselves by the use of cards, chart, and manual, and look to the publisher to provide these accessories in convenient form and at moderate cost. The following aids are therefore offered in the belief that they will make the work of the teacher, trained or untrained, more effective. Child's World Reader Charts, $6.00 (10 beautiful charts in colors 27x3720 lessons) Child's World Manual, 75c (Suggestions and outlines for first 5 grades) Child's World Word Cards, $1.00 (129 cards258 words in Primer vocabulary) Child's World Phrase Cards, 75c (48 cards96 phrases) Child's World Phonic Cards, 80c (80 cards printed both sides) JOHNSON PUBLISHING COMPANY Richmond, Virginia. {3} ACKNOWLEDGMENTS For permission to use copyrighted material the authors and publishers express their indebtedness to The Independent for 'Who Loves the Trees Best?' by Alice M. Douglas; to Oliver Herford and the Century Company for 'The Elf and the Dormouse'; to the American Folklore Society for 'How Brother Rabbit Fooled the Whale and the Elephant,' by Alcee Fortier; to the Outlook for 'Making the Best of It,' by Frances M. Fox, and 'Winter Nights,' by Mary F. Butts; to Harper Brothers for 'The Animals and the Mirror,' from Told by the Sand Man; to Rand McNally Company for 'Little Hope's Doll,' from Stories of the Pilgrims, by Margaret Pumphrey; to Daughady Company for...

Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans

  The brutal and systematic ethnic cleansing of Chinese Americans in California and the Pacific Northwest in the second half of the nineteenth century is a shockingand virtually unexploredchapter of American history. Driven Out unearths this forgotten episode in our nations past. Drawing on years of groundbreaking research, Jean Pfaelzer reveals how, beginning in 1848, lawless citizens and duplicitous politicians purged dozens of communities of thousands of Chinese residentsand how the victims bravely fought back. In town after town, as races and classes were pitted against one another in the raw and anarchistic West, Chinese miners and merchants, lumberjacks and field workers, prostitutes and merchants wives, were gathered up at gunpoint and marched out of town, sometimes thrown into railroad cars along the very tracks they had built.Here, in vivid detail, are unforgettable incidents such as the torching of the Chinatown in Antioch, California, after Chinese prostitutes were accused of giving seven young men syphilis, and a series of lynchings in Los Angeles bizarrely provoked by a Chinese wedding. From the port of Seattle to the mining towns in Californias Siskiyou Mountains to Nigger Alley in Los Angeles, the first Chinese Americans were hanged, purged, and banished. Chinatowns across the West were burned to the ground. But the Chinese fought back: They filed the first lawsuits for reparations in the United States, sued for the restoration of their property, prosecuted white vigilantes, demanded the right to own land, and, years before Brown v. Board of Education, won access to public education for their children. Chinese Americans organized strikes and vegetable boycotts in order to starve out towns that tried to expel them. They ordered arms from China and, with Winchester rifles and Colt revolvers, defended themselves. In 1893, more than 100,000 Chinese Americans refused the governments order to wear photo identity cards to prove their legal statusthe largest mass civil disobedience in United States history to that point. Driven Out features riveting characters, both heroic and villainous, white and Asian. Charles McGlashen, a newspaper editor, spearheaded a shift in the tactics of persecution, from brutality to legal boycotts of the Chinese, in order to mount a run for governor of California. Fred Bee, a creator of the Pony Express, became the Chinese consul and one of the few attorneys willing to defend the Chinese. Lum May, a dry goods store owner, saw his wife dragged from their home and driven insane. President Grover Cleveland, hoping that Chinas 400,000 subjects would buy the United States out of its economic crisis, persuaded China to abandon the overseas Chinese in return for a trade treaty. Quen Hing Tong, a merchant, sought an injunction against the city of San Jose in an important precursor to todays suits against racial profiling and police brutality. In Driven Out, Jean Pfaelzer sheds a harsh light on Americas past. This is a story of hitherto unknown racial pogroms, purges, roundups, and brutal terror, but also a record of valiant resistance and community. This deeply resonant and eye-opening work documents a significant and disturbing episode in American history.

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