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Parisian Points of View

  Excerpt: PARISIAN POINTS OF VIEW BY LUDOVIC HALVY TRANSLATED BY EDITH V.B. MATTHEWS WITH INTRODUCTION BY BRANDER MATTHEWS HARPER BROTHERS PUBLISHERS NEW YORK AND LONDON Copyright, 1894, by HARPER BROTHERS. All rights reserved. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ONLY A WALTZ THE DANCING-MASTER THE CIRCUS CHARGER BLACKY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN PARIS THE STORY OF A BALL-DRESS THE INSURGENT THE CHINESE AMBASSADOR IN THE EXPRESS INTRODUCTION THE SHORT STORIES OF M. LUDOVIC HALVY To most American readers of fiction I fancy that M. Ludovic Halvy is known chiefly, if not solely, as the author of that most charming of modern French novels, The Abb Constantin. Some of these readers may have disliked this or that novel of M. Zola's because of its bad moral, and this or that novel of M. Ohnet's because of its bad taste, and all of them were delighted to discover in M. Halvy's interesting and artistic work a story written by a French gentleman for young ladies. Here and there a scoffer might sneer at the tale of the old French priest and the young women from Canada as innocuous and saccharine; but the story of the good Abb Constantin and of his nephew, and of the girl the nephew loved in spite of her American millionsthis story had the rare good fortune of pleasing at once the broad public of indiscriminate readers of fiction and the narrower circle of real lovers of literature. Artificial the atmosphere of the tale might be, but it was with an artifice at once delicate and delicious; and the tale itself won its way into the hearts of the women of America as it had into the hearts of the women of France. There is even a legendalthough how solid a foundation it may have in fact I do not dare to discussthere is a legend that the lady-superior of a certain convent near Paris was so fascinated by The Abb Constantin, and so thoroughly convinced of the piety of its author, that she ordered all his other works, receiving in due season the lively volumes wherein are recorded the sayings...

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