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'Forgotten Roots - Electric Power, Profits, Democracy and a Profession'

  Forgotten Roots - Electric Power, Profits, Democracy & A Profession A new book by Jack Casazza raises questions of vital importance to today's national energy problems. Can good technical policies be established in a democracy where 'profits now' is the driving force? Want to understand the problem? A review of what happened in the electric power industry that provides the lifeblood of our national economic system sheds much light. What can be learned from those who built the world's best power system that the National Academy of Engineering called the 'the greatest technical achievement of the 20th century'? Want to know what they said? This book explores the evolution and inter-relation of the electric power industry, government policy, our universities, and the electric power engineering profession that chartered its course. Early procedures are compared with present procedures that have produced skyrocketing prices and blackouts. It discusses possible steps for solving our problems in the future. Written by Jack Casazza who personally knew many of the industry leaders, government officials, and university faculty who were involved. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has stated that, the American consumer owes more to Jack Casazza than to any other individual for the establishment of the national grid. The book can be obtained from book stores, over the internet and from e-book suppliers.

400 Watt DC Power Inverter to AC Power

  400 Watt Power Inverter provides 2 grounded AC outlets protective covers. Connects directly to your vehicle's battery terminals (color-coded cables included). Turns your car's DC power into standard household AC power. Safety features include LED indicator lights, low voltage alarm and shutdown. Perfect for powering computers, electronics, power tools, power tool chargers, appliances, TVs, video game consoles, compact refrigerators and electric powered garden tools.Features include:Continuous output power: 400 Watts Rated input voltage: 10V - 115VOutput frequency: 59HZ-61HZMaximum efficiency: >85%Low voltage alarm: 10.4-10.8VDCLow Voltage Shutdown: 9.7V-10.3VDCNorth American Standard Outlets: 2Fuse: 25Ax2Ideal for medium-duty application: tools, TV/VCR, shop vacs and appliancesIncludes heavy-duty clamps that connect directly to vehicle batteryIncludes retail packaging.

American Electricians' Handbook

  A Completely Updated Edition of the “Electricians' Bible”The most popular electricians' handbook for the past 95 years has been completely updated to provide the latest NEC and NESC rules and standards, and new references to solar power, photovoltaics, induction lighting, and more. Providing all the information you'll need to design, maintain, and operate systems and equipment, the Fifteenth Edition of the American Electricians' Handbook is the key to tackling even the most complex jobs with complete confidence. This one-stop resource focuses on systems and equipment rather than codes and calculations, making it the most practical, hands-on guide available. No matter what kind of electrical project you plan to take on, the American Electricians' Handbook is the only guide you'll need. American Electrician's Handbook covers:Solar power and photovoltaicsVariable- and adjustable-speed drivesVariable-speed-drive programmingContinuous load calculationsInduction lightingNew NEC and NESC rulesNEMA motor and generator standardsVoltage drops in circuits with non-unity power factorsInside:• Fundamentals • Properties and Splicing of Conductors• Circuits and Circuit Calculations • General Electrical Equipment and Batteries • Transformers • Solid-State Devices and Circuits• Generators and Motors • Outside Distribution • Interior Wiring• Electric Lighting • Optical Fiber • Wiring and Design Tables

Vermont American 15681 Screwdriver Bit Assortments

  Vermont American 15681 Screwdriver Bit Assortments A complete range of styles and sizes for almost every fastening need. These screwdriver bit assortments are the perfect complement for any electric drill or power screwdriver. All bits are fully hardened and tempered for long life under constant, heavy-duty use. Vermont American 15681 Screwdriver Bit Assortments Features: • 15681 is a 9 piece bit set with bandolier strap that includes the following items: eight insert bits in sizes Phillips® #1, #2 and #3, slotted 6-8, 8-10, 10-12 and 12-14, and 2-1/8" magnetic bit holder • 15684 is a 9 piece bit and nutdriver set with bandolier strap that includes the following items: Insert bits in sizes Phillips® #1, #2 and #3, slotted 6-8, 8-10 and 10-12, and 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" nutdrivers • 9 pc. bit set with bandolier strap


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