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Higher Education in Latin America: The International Dimension

  'The international dimension of higher education is a theme that is getting more priority on the agenda of institutions of higher education, national governments, and regional and international organizations. The globalization of our economies and societies has an impact on our higher education sector, in the same way as higher education through its research, teaching and services influences this process of globalization. In Latin America, internationalization is getting recognized as an important phenomenon that is influencing the direction of its education and society. Little though is known about the development of this process, and what are the trends, issues and opportunities for the internationalization of higher education in Latin American countries and the region as a whole. This book looks at the Latin American way in which the international dimension is evolving, recognizing the specific cultural, linguistic, political and economic characteristics of the region and each of its individual countries and institutions of higher education. Higher Education in Latin America: The International Dimension provides a comparative analysis of internationalization issues, trends and opportunities in higher education in selected Latin American countries at the institutional, national and regional level. These countries include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Peru. The book addresses the specific elements of the internationalization process, such as mobility, curriculum, linkages, networks, etc. but instead of looking at them in detail they are presented as part of a more comprehensive overview of policies, programs and activities at all three levels. '

American Civilization: An Introduction, Fourth edition

  American Civilization is a comprehensive introduction to contemporary American life. It covers the key dimensions of American society including geography and the environment, immigration and minorities, government and politics, foreign policy, the legal system, the economy, social services, education, religion, the media and the arts.This fourth edition has been thoroughly revised and includes many updated illustrations and case studies, as well as coverage of the 2004 election, the second Gulf War, and the war on terrorism. American Civilization: covers all core American Studies topics at introductory level contains essential historical background for American Studies students at the start of the twenty-first century analyzes gender, class and race and America's cosmopolitan population has useful photographs, case studies, questions, terms for discussion and suggestions for websites for further research.American Civilization isa vital introduction to the crucial and complex identities of America.For supplementary exercises, questions and tutor guidance, go to

Learn Reference Work First North American Edition First North American Edition (Library Education Series)

  LEARN REFERENCE WORK First North American Edition First North American Edition (Library Education Series) A Practical Introduction to Reference Sources, Skills and Procedures for Library Students and Staff This combination textbook/workbook provides an introduction to reference work by covering the theory and principles of good reference service, major reference sources in both print and electronic formats, basic reference skills and procedures. It reviews all the major types of reference sources, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, fast facts, biographical services, geographical services, bibliographies and library catalogs, directories, indexes and abstracts, government documents, and the Internet. After completing the practice exercises, readers should have a good understanding of a variety of current reference tools and an introduction to the types of questions each is designed to answer. Also included are plentiful, clear explanations and examples; a glossary with simple definitions of technical terms; a bibliography; and an index. Learn Reference Work is one of nine study guides in the Library Education Series. Please see the back of this book for a complete listing, or visit for more information. Clara L. Sitter is an appointed Associate Clinical Professor in the University of Denver, College of Education, Library and Information Science program. She has more than 30 years of professional library experience, including 18 years in academic libraries and 17 years in private and public school libraries, as well as experience in special and public libraries. She has been responsible for most aspects of library service, including reference, instruction, collection42 management, cataloging, and administration. Her areas of teaching are organization of information, understanding the information user, collection management, management of information organizations, and reference. Mary Gosling is a reference librarian and library educator who has taught reference and basic library skills for many years. She has been coordinator of the Library Studies Program at the Canberra Institute of Technology and is now a senior reference librarian and manager at the National Library of Australia. As a library educator, Mary has taught a variety of subjects, including reference skills, reader education and information literacy. Colin Gray has worked as a reference librarian, children's librarian, and manager of public services for many years. He has taught most of the subjects in college library technician programs, specializing in reference and public services. He has written teachers' guides, student learning material and curricula. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1. Reference Services 2. Reference Sources 3. Dictionaries 4. Encyclopedias 5. Fast Facts 6. Biographical Sources 7. Geographical Sources 8. Bibliographies and Library Catalogs 9. Directories 10. Indexes and Abstracts 11. Government Documents 12. The Internet 13. Researching and Delivering Information 14. Evaluation Answers Glossary References LCSH Form Subdivisions Index

Managing Change in the Public Services

  This book explores the management of change to improve public service effectiveness. It breaks new ground in addressing why public service change is becoming increasingly complex to manage, how people cope with this new complexity, what implications arise for improving policy and practice, and which avenues for further research and theory-building look particularly promising.The contributors are all leading researchers from the USA, Canada and the UK. Together they provide a synthesis of state-of-the-art thinking on the complex change process in Anglo-American contexts, policy-making for public service reform that generates managerial complexity, and practice in service organizations to improve provision. Special reference is made to education and health: the largest and most complex of the public services. The analysis has wider relevance for other public services and national contexts.Managing Change in the Public Services is essential reading for all concerned with public service improvement - leaders and managers in service organizations, administrators, trainers, advisers and consultants who support the management of change, policy-makers and public servants, and advanced course students and academics. The book also offers general insights for the theory and practice of managing organizational and systemic change.


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