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An Economic History of the American Steel Industry

  This book provides a basic outline of the history of the American steel industry, a sector of the economy that has been an important part of the industrial system from the 1830s to 2001.

Labor, Industry, and Regulation During the Progressive Era

  The Progressive Era was among the most volatile times for the economy and labor in American History. Daniel E. Saros explores the institutional and economic conditions of this time, revealing new insight into the regulated nature of industry and the conditions of labor.

Marshall Plan Today

  This book goes beyond diplomatic history to place the Marshall Plan in the context of both the political economy of late 20th century Europe and the impact of American models of business and government that came with the Plan.

Slavery by Another Name

  DOUGLAS A. BLACKMON is the Atlanta Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal. He has written extensively on race, the economy, and American society. Reared in the Mississippi Delta, he lives in downtown Atlanta with his wife and children.


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