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The Year of No Money in Tokyo

  THE YEAR OF NO MONEY IN TOKYO is an intimate, first-person, true story about triumphing over adversity, in the form of being poor and American, in Japan, during the country`s worst recession, since the Second World War. The book depicts the financial, emotional, and psychological effects of yearlong unemployment on a foreigner in Japan; draws attention to how economic hardship can be an opportunity for reinvention; and highlights an aspect of what it`s like to be black and simultaneously American in Japan. The book will inspire people who have experienced misfortune, by showing them that they can recover, even under the most difficult circumstances. THE YEAR OF NO MONEY IN TOKYO will interest a variety of readers, from economists and financiers, to those concerned with today`s economy, students of Japanese culture, and those who enjoy an uplifting message about hope, human kindness and perseverance. The memoir is a work of creative non-fiction that reads like a novel. Wayne Lionel Aponte`s gift of observation, subtlety, and wry humor make his book an extraordinary pleasure to read.

Life Is A Journey, Drive On...

  Life Is A Journey, Drive On... is a tribute to the truck drivers of America who have long been the economic backbone of our country. It is a window into the lives of truckers as well as their dreams and aspirations. In short, Life Is A Journey, Drive On... celebrates the lives and contributions of American truckers who keep the economy rolling despite the global recession and current financial hardships. If you have ever longed for the open road or wondered what the life of a trucker might be like, this book is for you. It is packed full of stories and personal experiences of truckers and their families, and it highlights several benefits of choosing trucking as a career. The book also provides tips and suggestions on how to get started in the trucking business, while pointing out interesting statistics and often-overlooked contributions of truckers and the trucking industry in the United States. 'Some of the hardest working people I have ever met drive trucks. They are in fact out there working while most of us are sleeping and comfortable in our beds. Nasandra Wright has captured the spirit of how important these people are to our country and in this book I am reminded of that importance.' Tim Fitterer Vice President Truck one

The Great Progression

  The award-winning journalist and bestselling author of His Panic details the evolving role of Hispanics in shaping America's future.With the psyche of our country mired in war, changing politics, and a recession, (or even another great depression) Peabody and Emmy-Award-winning journalist Geraldo Rivera delivers keen insight and hope in The Great Progression, a prophetic book on how Hispanics are revitalizing our declining economy, energizing our distressed troops, and invigorating our transitioning national government.Featuring candid and revealing interviews with prominent Hispanics such as the new Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Jennifer Lopez, and George Lopez, The Great Progression presents a fascinating look at the impact Hispanics are making on the social, economic, and political climate of the United States. Hispanics involvement in society is at an all-time high—and growing exponentially. Geraldo's fearless and judicious reporting addresses the nation's most critical issues under the Obama administration and enlightens those who seek real change and a new, more progressive American era.A far-sighted and perceptive look ahead at our country's potential for growth and the evolving role of the Hispanic community under the Obama administration, The Great Progression is Geraldo Rivera's vision of how the nation's largest minority is shaping the future of our country.

What Every American Should Know About Who's Really Running A

  A guide to the politicos, money men, lobbyists, and deal makers who really run AmericaWhat foreign country has the power to send America crashing into a recession? Why is the USA still dangerously dependent on oil, when viable energy alternatives have existed for decades? Who made the call that we should return to nuclear energy—and then took a high-paying position with a nuclear company? Which youth group was a spawning ground for many contemporary power mongers? What lobbyists and special-interest groups are running the show on Capitol Hill—and exactly what tools of persuasion are they using?Melissa Rossi answers these questions and more in this timely and topical guide to who’s pulling the strings behind the scenes of American politics. This latest edition of Rossi’s popular What Every American Should Know. . . series puts the spotlight on our own backyard, covering topics like:• Which groups ensure that Americans pay more for drugs than any other nation• How our immigration laws are damaging the U.S. economy• Who’s telling the school boards what your child will learn• Who really benefits from U.S. foreign policy• How corporations and government agencies are spying on us• Why we should avoid electronic voting• Who killed the electric car and who exposed itOrganized by topic for easy reference, What Every American Should Know About Who’s Really Running America shows Americans what is going on behind the scenes and how they can counterbalance the influence of a small, powerful elite to put the power back where it should be—in the hands of the people.


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