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Remade in America: How Asia is Rebuilding Its Economies American-Style

  In a stunning rebuke to a large group of naysayers, Jim Rohwer convincingly argues that the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998 was not a turn for the worse; rather it was short-lived and helped rid Asian markets of many of the problems that were holding it back. Now, while most analysts go wild over the American economy, Rohwer provides the key insights into why America is due for a slowdown while Asia is poised for tremendous growth and opportunity.

The Virtue Of Prosperity: Finding Values In An Age Of Technoaffluence

  In The Virtue of Prosperity, Dinesh D'Souza examines the spiritual and social crisis spawned by the new economy and new technologies of the last ten years. D'Souza questions the basic premise of the American dream that prosperity and 'progress' will better the human condition. Anchored in history, rich in anecdote, and supported by state-of-the-art data, The Virtue of Prosperity is a tough-minded critique of our high-tech culture, with a surprising prescription for doing well and doing good.

America's Health Care Crisis Solved: Money-Saving Solutions, Coverage for Everyone

  America's Health Care Crisis Solved, highlights the major pitfalls of the current American health care system and show why, without changes, health care costs will soon demolish the American economy. The alternative they address includes bringing the self-interest of the American consumer into the purchase of health care. The authors examine how an insured family's spending can be reduced by as much as the deductible and how for the uninsured, the government could stand in place of an employer to pay part of the cost of health insurance. Page by page, Rooney and Perrin skillfully explain their innovative plan for effectively achieving these goals and lowering costs.

Bad Money

  In his acclaimed book American Theocracy, Kevin Phillips warned of the perilous interaction of debt, financial recklessness, and the spiking cost (and growing scarcity) of oil? warnings that are proving to be frighteningly accurate. Now, in his most significant and timely book yet, Phillips takes the full measure of this crisis. They are a part of what he calls ?bad money?? not just the depreciated dollar, but also the dangerous attitudes and the flawed products of wayward mega-finance. His devastating conclusion: In its hubris, the financial sector has hijacked the American economy and put our very global future at risk?and it may be too late to stop it.


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