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Gimme Shelter

  Of course I want a home, writes Mary Elizabeth Williams, 'I'm American.' Gimme Shelter is the first book to reveal how this primal desire, 'encoded into our cultural DNA,' drove our nation to extremes, from the heights of an unprecedented housing boom to the depths of an unparalleled crash.As a writer and parent in New York City, Williams is careful to ground her real-estate dreams in the reality of her middle-class bank account. Yet as a person who knows no other way to fall in love than at first sight, her relationship with the nation's most daunting housing market is a passionate one. Williams's house-hunting fantasy quickly morphs into a test of endurance, as her search for a place to live and a mortgage she can afford stretches into a three-year odyssey that takes her to the farthest reaches of the boroughs and the limits of her own patience.'Welcome to the tracks,' she declares at the outset of yet another weekend tour of blindingly bad, wildly overpriced properties. 'Let's go to the wrong side of them, shall we?' As her own quest unfolds, Williams simultaneously reports on the housing markets nationwide. Friends and family members grapple with real estate agents and lenders, neighborhood and quality-of-life issues, all the while voicing common concerns, as expressed by this Maryland working parent of three: 'The market was so hot, there were no houses. We looked for years at places the owners wouldn't even clean, let alone fix up.'How frustrating is the process? Williams likens it to hearing 'the opening bars of a song you think is 'Super Freak.' And then it turns out to be 'U Can't Touch This.'' Told in an engaging blend of factfinding and memoir, Gimme Shelter charts the course of the real estate bubble as it floated ever upward, not with faceless numbers and documents but with the details of countless personal stories -- about the undeniable urge to put down roots and the lengths to which we'll go to find our way home.

Mortgage Myths: 77 Secrets That Will Save You Thousands on Home Financing

  REAL ESTATEDebunk all of the industry's tall tales and discover the reality of real estate financingThe mortgage game has changed dramatically, and you need to know the rules! Based on years of firsthand experience as borrowers, mortgage and real estate brokers, instructors, and industry insiders, Ralph Roberts and Chip Cummings team up to wipe out all the myths about mortgages and deliver the information you need to purchase and secure profitable long-term investments.Here are some of the common myths that Roberts and Cummings dismantle:You should always make the biggest down payment you canYour main goal should be to find the lowest interest ratesShort-term investments are better than long-term investmentsYour credit score alone determines whether your loan gets approvedIt's okay to save home improvements and repairs for laterYour mortgage payment will never changeLow inflation means lower appreciation'The whole process starts by dealing with people you can trust. You can trust your first step with Chip and Ralph, as they have put together an incredible collection of truths brought to you by the biggest names in the business. Mortgage Myths tears down the wall between you and the home-buying process, exposes the real secrets to building equity, and gets you on the road to homeownership—the right way!'—Eric Weinstein, CEO, Carteret Mortgage Corporation'If you're even just thinking about buying a house, you need this book. It even includes key information, forms, and booklets that no home buyer should be without.'—Ruth Faynor, National Education Consultant for the National Associationof Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) 'Homeownership is the American dream. Too many times I've seen this dream go sour. We are in the business of making those dreams a reality, and Chip and Ralph have opened the doors! If you're a first- time homebuyer, REALTOR®, or loan officer, you've gotta have this book.'—Aaron Metaj, CEO, Apollo Mortgage Finance Corporation

Girl, Make Your Money Grow!

  If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck and are looking for ways to create new wealth, then come on, girl—it’s time to make your money grow! In this timely follow-up to the bestselling Girl, Get Your Money Straight!, author and financial expert Glinda Bridgforth teams up with investment expert and stockbroker Gail Perry-Mason to deliver power-packed, sister-to-sister advice on how to master the stock market, grow your income, and start investing in your biggest asset—you. Girl, Make Your Money Grow! presents their step-by-step plan to help you clear away debt, create new streams of income, buy prime real estate, map out a personalized plan for retirement, and build an investment portfolio that’s right for you using bonds, mutual funds, and blue-chip stocks to lower your risk without sacrificing profits. Filled with Bridgforth and Perry-Mason’s warmhearted wisdom, and complete with exercises, affirmations, and inspiring stories of African American women who’ve successfully grown their financial gardens, Girl, Make Your Money Grow! is a fresh, fun, and eminently practical guide to achieving the next level of financial security and funding the future of your dreams.


  Bubbles—from hot stocks in the 1920s to hot stocks in the 1990s—are much-lamented features of contemporary economic life. Time and again, American investors, seduced by the lures of quick money, new technologies, and excessive optimism, have shown a tendency to get carried away. Time and again, they have appeared foolish when the bubble burst. The history of finance is filled with tragic tales of shattered dreams, bankruptcies, and bitter recriminations. But what if the I-told-you-so lectures about bubbles tell only half the story? What if bubbles accomplish something that can only be seen in retrospect? What if the frenzy of irrational economic enthusiasm lays the groundwork for sober-minded opportunities, growth, and innovation? Could it be that bubbles wind up being a competitive advantage for the bubble-prone U.S. economy? In this entertaining and fast-paced book—you'll laugh as much as you cry—Daniel Gross convincingly argues that every bubble has a golden lining. From the 19th-century mania for the telegraph to the current craze in alternative energy, from railroads to real estate, Gross takes us on a whirlwind tour of reckless investors and pie-in-the-sky promoters, detailing the mania they created—but also the lasting good they left behind. In one of the great ironies of history, Gross shows how the bubbles once generally seen as disastrous have actually helped build the commercial infrastructures that have jump-started American growth. If there is a secret to the perennial resilience and exuberance of the American economy, Gross may just have found it in our peculiar capacity to blow financial bubbles—and successfully clean up the mess.


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