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Intellectuals in Intellectuals in Islamic World: Transmission, T

  Intellectuals in the Modern Islamic World reconsiders the typology and history of intellectuals in the Arabic world from the late 19th century to present day.This volume distinguishes itself from other major studies on modern thought in Islam by examining this topic beyond the context of the Arabic world. The first section of this book concentrates on a journal, al-Manar, published between 1898 and 1935, and read by a wide range of audiences throughout the Islamic world, which inspired the imagination and arguments of local intelligentsias in the first half of the 20th Century. The second part concentrates on the formation, transmission and transformation of learning and authority, from the Middle East to Central and South Asia, through the 20th century.Providing a rich variety of case studies, by international authors of the most varied disciplinary scope, Intellectuals in the Modern Islamic World meets the highest academic requirements in a spirit of comparative vision and openness tothe dynamism of contemporary societies of the Islamic world. This book is essential reading for those with research interests in Islam and intellectual thought.

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