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  The second edition of this major textbook in global communication has been fully revised to bring it up to date with advances in this dynamic field. From media coverage of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and Arabic media systems, to digital cameras and the birth of the iPod, this book offers students a comprehensive understanding of the complex international communication scene, and of the implications of rapid changes to the worldwide media landscape that continue on a daily basis. An accessible textbook which discusses the major trends, stakeholders, global activities and worldwide influences involved in international communicationsUtilizes numerous and diverse examples of media stakeholders, including CNN, Time Warner, Disney, the BBC, and the advertising and music industriesFeatures engaging examples from the war on terrorism, Afghanistan and Iraq wars, post 9/11, and al Jazeera, through to the growing phenomena of Internet bloggingUpdates important industry information on CNN, MTV, and the BBC - including the problems with the upcoming renewal of the BBC's global mandate and Royal CharterOrganized accessibly around two main theories that anchor the international communication debate: electronic colonialism and world system theoryAccompanied by a fully updated instructor's manual available at

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