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Adhesive Bonding: Materials, Applications and Technology

  Both solid knowledge of the basics as well as expert knowledge is needed to create rigid, long-lasting and material-specific adhesions in the industrial or trade sectors. Information that is extremely difficult and time-consuming to find in the current literature. Written by specialists in various disciplines from both academia and industry, this handbook is the very first to provide such comprehensive knowledge in a compact and well-structured form. Alongside such traditional fields as the properties, chemistry and characteristic behavior of adhesives and adhesive joints, it also treats in detail current practical questions and the manifold applications for adhesives.

Fibers and Composites

  Fibers and Composites considers advanced composite materials based on carbon fibers and several kinds of matrices. Divided into three main parts, it presents an alternative way to process and prepare carbon fibers issued from either natural or artificial precursors. It also presents both classical and novel ways to prepare carbon matrices and analyses the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique as well as chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) inside a porous preform. Finally, the book explains other carbon based composites, such as those with polymers or cement as matrices, and includes their role of interfacial characteristics as wetting or adhesions for their final application.

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