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Receptors of Cell Adhesion and Cellular Recognition, Volume 3

  Volume 3 of 'Biomembranes' covers receptors of cell adhesion and cellular recognition. Proteins in the plasma membrane of cells are heavily involved in processes of cell adhesion, but such proteins were not actually isolated and characterized until the mi

Hd Open Gear & Wire Ropelube

  Manufacturer: Crown. 12 Cans. A high-grade moly grease that won't become brittle, is not affected by weather, and has outstanding adhesion properties Minimizes internal friction Withstands extreme pressures with maximum adhesion Displaces water to provide

Fl-20 Flexane Primer 4oz

  Manufacturer: Devcon. Sold Individually. Required for maximum adhesion of Flexane products Primer for rubber, wood, fiberglass, and concrete Used in conjunction with all Devcon´┐Ż Flexanes in order to maximize the adhesion to concrete, rubber, wood, fibergl

Bacterial Adhesion to Host Tissues

  This book is about the adhesion of bacteria to their human hosts. Although adhesion is essential for maintaining members of the normal microflora in/on their host, it is also the crucial first stage in any infectious disease. It is important, therefore, to fully understand the mechanisms underlying bacterial adhesion so that we may be able to develop methods of maintaining our normal (protective) microflora, and of preventing pathogenic bacteria from initiating an infectious process. These topics are increasingly important because of the growing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and, consequently, the need to develop alternative approaches for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. This book describes the bacterial structures responsible for adhesion and the molecular mechanisms underlying the adhesion process. A unique feature is that it also deals with the consequences of adhesion for both the adherent bacterium and the host cell/tissue to which it has adhered.


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