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ADHD in Adults: A Psychological Guide to Practice

  ADHD in adults is estimated to be around 1 percent, with rates as high as 25 percent in the prison population. Reflecting the growing awareness of the seriousness of the problem, ADHD in Adults provides a comprehensive look at the occurrence of ADHD in adults, providing a broad overview of the theory of ADHD, its assessment, and treatment. Balancing theory with practical intervention techniques, the book examines such core deficits as impulsivity, inattention and poor problem solving, as well as associated problems such as anger and antisocial behavior. Structured interventions, that can be provided individually or in group settings, are included with each chapter.

Parenting Children with ADHD

  Kids with ADHD need to be loved and shown how to become successful adults. Unfortunately, their lack of attention and restlessness often get in the way. Parents of these kids try so hard to stay connected and remain patient in the face of daily frustration. However, it is an incredible challenge to remain positive and involved when your child does not respond to the kinds of strategies that work for other children. Without guidance and systematic treatment, these bright, inquisitive children are unlikely to graduate from high school, are more prone to use illegal drugs, and struggle to maintain employment as adults. Parenting Children With ADHD: 10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach gives parents a framework for building a successful parenting program at home. Drawing from his experiences in evaluating and treating thousands of children and teens with ADHD, Vincent Monastra presents a series of ten lessons that are essential for promoting the success of kids with ADHD. In simple language, he explains the causes of ADHD and how nutrition, medication, and parental guidance can improve attention, concentration, and behavioral control. Recognizing the importance of school success, Dr. Monastra also outlines the educational rights of children with ADHD and ways to work with the school districts to get your child the help he or she needs. Finally, this book describes nonconfrontational ways to teach your child essential life skills like organization, problem solving, and emotional control.

The Psychopharmacology Treatment Planner

  This book focuses on psychopharmacological treatments of DSM-IV-TRT categories for which there are known treatments, including ADHD, dementia, substance use, schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorders, among others. It contains all of the necessary elements for clinicians to develop individualized formal treatment plans for relational problems.

The Child Psychotherapy Treatment Planner

  The Child Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fourth Edition provides treatment planning guidelines and an array of pre-written treatment plan components for behavioral and psychological problems, including blended family problems, children of divorce, ADHD, attachment disorder, academic problems, and speech and language disorders. Clinicians with adult clients will find this up-to-date revision an invaluable resource.


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