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Parenting Children with ADHD

  Kids with ADHD need to be loved and shown how to become successful adults. Unfortunately, their lack of attention and restlessness often get in the way. Parents of these kids try so hard to stay connected and remain patient in the face of daily frustration. However, it is an incredible challenge to remain positive and involved when your child does not respond to the kinds of strategies that work for other children. Without guidance and systematic treatment, these bright, inquisitive children are unlikely to graduate from high school, are more prone to use illegal drugs, and struggle to maintain employment as adults. Parenting Children With ADHD: 10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach gives parents a framework for building a successful parenting program at home. Drawing from his experiences in evaluating and treating thousands of children and teens with ADHD, Vincent Monastra presents a series of ten lessons that are essential for promoting the success of kids with ADHD. In simple language, he explains the causes of ADHD and how nutrition, medication, and parental guidance can improve attention, concentration, and behavioral control. Recognizing the importance of school success, Dr. Monastra also outlines the educational rights of children with ADHD and ways to work with the school districts to get your child the help he or she needs. Finally, this book describes nonconfrontational ways to teach your child essential life skills like organization, problem solving, and emotional control.

Scattered Minds

  A practical, authoritative book on an increasingly talked-about condition that affects more than 8 million American adults. Dr. Lenard Adler, director of the Adult ADHD Program at New York University School of Medicine, presents the latest findings on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In Scattered Minds, he reveals hidden warning signs, debunks common misconceptions, and offers information on obtaining an accurate diagnosis, along with treatment options that include cutting-edge medications and proven coping strategies. Includes a screening quiz.

The ADD and ADHD Cure: The Natural Way to Treat Hyperactivity and Refocus Your Child

  THE ADD AND ADHD CURE'The ADD and ADHD Cure will be welcomed by parents who reject drug protocols and/or whose children have not been successfully treated with drugs. I highly recommend this important and groundbreaking new book.'—Jenny McCarthy'I rely on Dr. Jay for more than my children's health. No matter what I call about-concerns about a sick kid, a parenting question, or worries about nutrition-Dr. Jay has answers and presents them in the most parent-friendly way.'—Julia Roberts'Dr. Jay's support will be a fantastic gift for parents facing ADD/ADHD. His words come from decades of experience and a wealth of real concern and compassion for your child and your family.'—Matt and Lucy Damon'Every new parent sometimes feels in the dark. Dr. Jay has been a constantly bright light and guide. We can't say enough great things about him or adequately express our gratitude for the patient, honest, intelligent, compassionate care he has given to our children. We enthusiastically support him and his book.'—Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix'This empowering book will teach, inspire, and coach your entire family to break the unhealthy nutritional habits that prevent you and your children from living healthy, focused lives.'—Tobey and Jennifer Maguire'With this guide, you can go from panic mode into proactive mode. You can take charge of your child's health-naturally.'—Tea Leoni and David Duchovny'I have watched Dr. Jay Gordon care for children and families who needed his skill and experience as they faced ADD and other tough diagnoses. His techniques and advice will guide you from a medication-oriented treatment to sensible, scientific nutritional and behavioral care.'—Edison de Mello, M.D., Ph.D., Director and founder, The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine

Clinical Psychiatry 2007

  Topics include: Sleep disorders (insomnia, PMLS, RLS, Narcolepsy...), depression, psychosis, the psychiatric exam, domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse (tobacco, cocaine, opioid, ETOH, etc), eating disorders, factitious illness, anxiety d/o and many others. Features: complete clinical presentation (common and uncommon manifestations), detailed (not superficial like most texts) information on w/u, labs, Tx, and Ddx. Very extensive treament plans. Full of pearls for primary care physicians, residents and medical students. No other text on the market provides such a collection of succinct and clinically relevant material that can be accessed at the bedside. Note: Some texts are sold at twice the price with only one of the topics that we cover in this text! Can be read on the desktop or laptop with for windows'. The free DEMO contains the basic layout with live links to each chapter and sublinks to 1-2 topics per chapter.  Partial Contents: Psych Eval & Testing � Psychosis � Extrapyramidal & Drug SE � Mood D/o � Suicide � Anxiety D/o � OCD � Somatoform D/o’s � Eating D/o � ADHD � Personality D/o � Substances of Abuse � Sleep D/o’s � Domestic Violence / Abuse � Factitious Illness � Various Other D/o � MEDS � Violent Pt’s � Psych Emergencies � Stress Management � Depression � Anxiety Disorders: Links: Presentation � Ddx � GAD � Tx � Meds � Switching off Benzo’s � Social Phobia / Anxiety � Panic D/o � Hyperventilation Syndrome � PTSD � Critical Incident Stress Debriefing � Mass Hysteria � Acute Stress D/o � Somatoform D/o’s � Stress Management � OCD � Substance Abuse / Addiction Medicine: Links: Definitions � Withdrawal � Screening for Abuse � Addiction � Stages of Change & Tx � Teenagers � Benzo � Opiates & IV Drugs � Cocaine � PCP � Inhalants � Amphetamines � Club Drugs & Depressents � Marijuana � Hallucinogens / Other � Tobacco / Nicotine � Alcohol � Alcohol withdrawal � Caffeine �


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