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Critical New Perspectives on ADHD

  There is little doubt that ADHD is a 21st century, global phenomenon, nor that it is having a significant affect on the lives of children, parents and teachers worldwide.Reasons for the growth in diagnoses of the condition are debatable and contentious. This edited collection unpicks the myths surrounding ADHD, and leaves no stone unturned in its search for answers. Whether ADHD has evolved because of the dominance of US psychiatric models, the need for new markets for major pharmaceutical companies, or because of the increasing use of the internet amongst parents and professionals, contributors to this book take a critical, highly international perspective on the topic and raise a number of concerns that are often not covered by material currently in the public domain.In a world where moves to educational inclusion are paradoxically paralleled by ever increasing use of medication for children's behavior, this book scrutinizes current accepted practice and offers alternative perspectives and strategies for teachers and other educational professionals. Anyone with a professional or personal interest in ADHD and other behavioral difficulties cannot afford to ignore this book.

Parenting Children with ADHD

  Kids with ADHD need to be loved and shown how to become successful adults. Unfortunately, their lack of attention and restlessness often get in the way. Parents of these kids try so hard to stay connected and remain patient in the face of daily frustration. However, it is an incredible challenge to remain positive and involved when your child does not respond to the kinds of strategies that work for other children. Without guidance and systematic treatment, these bright, inquisitive children are unlikely to graduate from high school, are more prone to use illegal drugs, and struggle to maintain employment as adults. Parenting Children With ADHD: 10 Lessons That Medicine Cannot Teach gives parents a framework for building a successful parenting program at home. Drawing from his experiences in evaluating and treating thousands of children and teens with ADHD, Vincent Monastra presents a series of ten lessons that are essential for promoting the success of kids with ADHD. In simple language, he explains the causes of ADHD and how nutrition, medication, and parental guidance can improve attention, concentration, and behavioral control. Recognizing the importance of school success, Dr. Monastra also outlines the educational rights of children with ADHD and ways to work with the school districts to get your child the help he or she needs. Finally, this book describes nonconfrontational ways to teach your child essential life skills like organization, problem solving, and emotional control.


  'Tired Of Beating Your Head Against The WallTrying To Figure Out How To Deal WithYour Loved One Having ADHD' Don't Waste Any More Time And Money On OtherProducts Or Instructions That Have NoClue When Talking About ADHD. There have been as many as 750,000 children in America diagnosed with ADHD.  Some say the actual number is much, much higher.  Adults who are being diagnosed have probably been suffering with the disorder for years without being able to put a 'finger' on what exactly has made them act the way they do. With an ADHD child or adult, the first thing to do is to gather as much information as you possibly can.  It's imperative that you understand what ADHD is, what the symptoms are, and how to deal with those symptoms. What's The Secret? It starts with one universal thought that is an incredible truth hear it and believe it!  Every single person with ADHD has hidden talents and skills that he or she isn't using nearly as powerfully as they can.  So why is it so difficult to find those talents? So very often, success goes hand and hand with education.  But general education teachers are pretty well trained to deliver information to students who will sit still and listen.  Kids with ADHD simply cannot do this, so they miss out on what their peers are receiving simply because they don't have ADHD. But There Is Help! Do any of the following statements apply to your child? Their room is a hopeless mess with papers, toys, and clothing everywhere?  This is normal for a teenager, but not so normal with an 8 year old! They can't concentrate even while playing? They make careless mistakes while doing homework even when he knows the material? Teachers are always contacting you about your child to report 'bad' behavior. Your child often loses items that she needs like school supplies. Does he always have to be standing up even when he should be sitting down? Your kid speaks quickly with little to no thought about what is being said. They butt in during conversations with topics that are completely off the topic being discussed. These are all classic symptoms of ADHD.  What about adult ADHD?  What are the symptoms of that? Unfinished tasks Broken promises Moving from job to job, often quickly A tendency toward alcohol and/or drug abuse Entering into and leaving many different relationships Procrastination Disorganization A perceived sense of irresponsibility When you become familiar with what ADHD is and how it presents itself, it is often easier to identify those who have the disorder.  So many people have misconceptions about ADHD, and it's time to put those misconceptions in the vault and lock them away forever! So what will you learn in this book?  Here's a little sneak peek: The advantages and disadvantages of medication What behaviour changes need to be made How families can cope with an ADHD person How to parent an ADHD child Building your ADHD child's self-esteem Why your child is so angry and how to defuse that anger And MUCH MORE!

Only a Mother Could Love Him

  For all parents who have ever cried in despair over their hyperactive, impulsive, and seemingly uncontrollable child; for every teacher who’s ever vented frustration at a student who just won’t pay attention; for every kid who has ever asked himself, Why does everyone hate me?—help is here. Only a Mother Could Love Him is a remarkable look inside the mind of a person with ADD/ADHD. Ben Polis attended six different schools, served over three thousand hours of detention, and drove his family into counseling. But through great determination and the use of self-taught concentration techniques, Ben not only graduated high school but also attended a competitive university.Ben describes what it’s really like to feel those constant impulses, to get all that medication, to desperately want to be “normal.” In addition, he offers lots of valuable advice to parents, includingfinding what forms of discipline will work—and what will never worksurviving the daily homework strugglemedicating or seeking other methods of treatmentteaching your ADD/ADHD child to readOnly a Mother Could Love Him is a much–needed salve for parents and kids who feel isolated, depressed, and confused. From schoolwork to exercise to drugs, Ben Polis has important insights to share—and a message of hope that will warm the hearts of those suffering the most.


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