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Schleiermacher: Lectures on Philosophical Ethics

  This is the first English translation of Friedrich Schleiermacher's mature ethical theory. Situated between the better-known positions of Kant and Hegel, Schleiermacher's ethics represents an under-explored and singular option within the rich and creative tradition of German idealism. Schleiermacher is known to English readers primarily as a theologian and hermeneuticist, but many German scholars have argued that it is in fact his philosophical work in ethics that constitutes his most outstanding intellectual achievement. The lectures, which were not published in his lifetime, are thought to span the years 1812-1817 and address such topics as ethics as a descriptive science, ethics as a study of the action of reason on nature, and doctrines of goods, virtue, and duties. This volume presents them in an accessible new translation by Louise Adey Huish, together with an introduction by Robert Louden that sets them in context and assesses their achievement.

At the Sign of the Barber's Pole: Studies In Hirsute History

  Excerpt: STUDIES IN HIRSUTE HISTORY BY WILLIAM ANDREWS AUTHOR OF BYGONE ENGLAND ETC. COTTINGHAM, YORKSHIRE J.R. TUTIN 1904 PREFACE onnected with the barber and his calling are many curiosities of history. In the following pages, an attempt has been made, and I trust not without success, to bring together notices of the more interesting matters that gather round the man and his trade. In the compilation of this little book many works have been consulted, and among those which have yielded me the most information must be mentioned the following: Annals of the Barber-Surgeons of London, by Sidney Young, London, 1890. An Apology for the Beard, by Artium Magister, London, 1862. Barbers' Company, by G. Lambert, F.S.A., London, 1881. Barber-Surgeons and Chandlers, by D. Embleton, M.D., Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1891. Barber's Shop, by R.W. Proctor, edited by W.E.A. Axon, Manchester, 1883. Philosophy of Beards, by T.S. Cowing, Ipswich. Some Account of the Beard and the Moustachio, by John Adey Repton, F.S.A., London, 1839. Why Shave? by H.M., London. Notes and Queries, and other periodicals, as well as encyclopdias, books on costume, and old plays, have been drawn upon, and numerous friends have supplied me with information. I must specially mention with gratitude Mr Everard Home Coleman, the well-known contributor to Notes and Queries. Some of my chapters have been previously published in the magazines, but all have been carefully revised and additions have been made to them. In conclusion, I hope this work will prove a welcome contribution to the byways of history. WILLIAM ANDREWS. Royal Institution, Hull, August 11th, 1904. CONTENTS The Barber's Pole 1 The Barber's Shop 8 Sunday Shaving 21 From Barber to Surgeon 26 Bygone Beards 33 Taxing the Beard 56 Powdering the Hair 59 The Age of Wigs 71 Stealing Wigs 93 The Wig-Makers' Riot 95 The Moustache Movement 96 Index 117 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS The House of Commons in the time of Sir Robert Walpole. Wigs in...

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