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The Revolutions of 1989

  Revolutions of 1989 brings together some of the most influential and provocative articles on the collapse of communism in Eastern and Central Europe, one of the most important events in recent world history. Prefaced by a comprehensive historical introduction and written by some of the prominent analysts and architects of the revolutionary upheaval, the essays examine the economic, political and social nature of modern revolutions, the legacies of dissent, the extent of the collapse of Leninist regimes in Europe and the political and ethical tensions of the post-communist situation. Contributors: Bruce Ackerman, Timothy Garton Ash, Daniel Chirot, S.N. Eisenstadt, Jeffrey C. Isaac, Ken Jowitt, Tony Judt, Leszek Kolakowski, Jacek Kuron, Adam Michnik, Mircea Mihaies, Jacques Rupnik, G.M. Tamáaacute;s, Katherine Verdery, and Zhelyu Zhelev.

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