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Franklin Merriam-Webster Electronic Dictionary & Thesaurus- Referbushed

  100,000 word dictionary and 500,000 word thesaurus: Features: Merriam-Webster Dictionary with 100,000 words. Thesaurus with 500,000 synonyms. SAT Words, Plus spell correction. My word list, games, clock, databank. 8-line display. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Technical Details : Brand Name: Franklin Electronics. Model: MWD-1470. Operating System: EBookMan OS 1.0. Measures: 4-3/8w x 6-3/4d x 2-5/8h.

Alcoholics Anonymous & Reference

  The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism. The basic text of The Alcoholics Anonymous 'Big Book®' plus: The 1st Edition Stories The 2nd Edition Stories The Original Manuscript of the text A dictionary with definitions from to 1937 An extensive subject Index A project of The Anonymous Press. For more please see Statement of Purpose:  The Anonymous Press is made up of a bunch of A.A. members staying sober by carrying the message of A.A.  Our primary purpose is to carry the message of A.A. by making our basic text affordable to all. Where we can, we also try to make the text easier to study and understand.    We realize that A.A., The Fellowship that saved our lives, is held together by The Traditions so The Traditions are what guide us.  All of our books are sold at cost and we are certainly not organized.   Our efforts have resulted in the distribution of our fellowship’s basic text to many hundreds of thousands of fellow alcoholics who otherwise may not have had a book of their own.  Detoxes, rehabs, prisons and shelters can now afford to give away our text - offering countless alcoholics a chance to learn the unadulterated message of our program.  If you are a member of A.A. and would like to lend a hand to help in our work, volunteers and contributions are always welcome. Disclaimer:The Anonymous Press is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. or with the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous. The publication of this book has not been authorized or endorsed by, and does not imply affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. or the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous.          ®'Big Book' has been registered as a trademark by Alcoholics Anonymous World Service Inc (AAWS).

Kindle Shortcuts, Hidden Features, Kindle-Friendly Websites, Free eBooks & Email From Kindle: Concise User Guide for Kindle DX, Kindle 2 & 1, Kindle for iPhone & iPod Touch (Kindle Manual)

  This concise Kindle manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to do everything with your Kindle FASTER. You will also unlock hidden secrets of your Kindle such as how to send an email from your Kindle or read news for free. Updated on August 19th, 2009. This eBook includes: - Keyboard shortcuts for Kindle DX, Kindle 2, and Kindle 1 - How to use Kindle for iPhone & iPod Touch App- List of Kindle-friendly websites that saves you time typing in long URL addresses- How to email from Kindle- How to download thousands of free eBooks- How to convert your documents to Kindle format- How to convert PDF Files- Kindle hidden features: Minesweeper game, Image Viewer and more- How to search the internal dictionary, Wikipedia, and the Internet- How to use Kindle Web Browser- Shortcuts to adding bookmarks, clippings and notes- Shortcuts to viewing periodicals- Shortcuts to Kindle audio player- How to buy books- How to expand an image- How to use text-to-speech Kindle feature- How to make a screen shot on Kindle and on iPhone- How to Display the Time- How to Display Free Memory- How to Display Wireless Network- Live Kindle support telephone numbers Selected Kindle 2 Shortcuts: Home Page Number Key (1, 2, 3, ...) and Enter: jump to this list page (e.g. entering 3 will take you to page 3). If your home page is sorted alphabetically by either Title or Author, enter Letter Keys (a, b, c, ...) and press the 5-was controller to jump to the page containing the first book starting with that letter,'The', 'A', 'An' are ignored. Type in a word (the search box appears automatically) followed by the Enter key: Each book is search for this word. The number of found words is displayed next to the title. Slide the power switch: Enter/Exit sleep mode. Alt+Shift+M: Minesweeper game. Book or Periodicals Viewing To display an image in full screen mode: Point the 5-way controller to the image, the magnifying glass will be displayed in the center of the image. Press the controller to view the image in full screen mode. Press the controller again to switch to normal mode. Alt+B: bookmark the current page, unbookmark the current page. You can view all bookmarks by pressing MENU > My Notes & Marks. Alt+Aa: to change text size, text-to-speech speech rate, text-to-speech speaking voice (male or female). In our user tests we found the male voice to be more clear and pleasant than female voice. We also found the default speech rate to sound better than either faster or slower speed. Shift+SYM: start/stop text-to-speech. During text-to-speech: press Spacebar to pause/resume text-to-speech (also Aa>Pause to pause text-to-speech; Aa>Play to resume text-to-speech.) Alt+Shift+1 to 9: changes the spacing between lines (the default is 3). Search Commands Type in a word from any screen. A search box will pop up automatically. Move the 5-way controller to the right twice and select the search location. Alternatively, click MENU > Search To limit search to a single book, open the book and enter your search term. To search all books on your Kindle, click the HOME button, enter your search term. To search dictionary from any screen, enter the term, move the 5-way controller right to select Dictionary. To search Wikipedia from any screen, enter the term and move the 5-way controller right to select Wikipedia. To search internet from any screen, enter the term and move the 5-way controller right to select Google.

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