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Wheeler Rex 600284 Profile Block Assembly for 6590

  Wheeler Rex 600284 Profile Block Assembly for 6590 Wheeler Manufacturing was established in 1957 with the invention of the chain type snap cutter for cast iron and clay tile pipes. It was a revolutionary tool which has since been adopted worldwide. This innovative product was followed by several other industry firsts, such as cutters for glass tube, power bevellers for PVC pipes, power torque wrenches for soil pipe couplings, shut off tools for copper and poly pipes, sewer tapping machines and more. In 1988, Wheeler became part of the Rex Industries family. Rex Industries has been an industry leader for over 75 years and has developed advanced threading features such as through the die head oiling, auto open die heads, notch type quick adjustments, and ball detent die location. Today Wheeler-Rex sells worldwide with a wide variety of tools for the piping professional, and now produces the highest quality and largest variety of pipe threading machines in the world. Wheeler Rex 600284 Profile Block Assembly for 6590, Features: • Numbers 58-73 in Set • Set Includes: • 608110 Spring Support Shaft Holder A T032 • 608708 Profiling Board A102 • 600880 Profiling Cover A E122 • 600881 Profiling Cover B E123 • 600882 Profiling Cover C E124 • 608106 Spring Support Shaft E117 • 607114 Spring A114 • 608111 Spring Supoprt Shaft Holder B T033 • 600883 Size Adjustment Shaft Holder E126 • 600884 Size Adjustment Shaft E125 • 600885 Spring E128 • 600886 Size Plate J125 • 600887 Size Plate Cover E130 • 600889 Socket Hd Cap Screw 6" J230 • 600890 Socket Hd Cap Screw 5" J235 • 600891 Socket Hd Cap Screw 4" J232 • 600892 Socket Hd Cap Screw 3 ½" J236 • 600893 Socket Hd Cap Screw 3" J233 • 600894 Socket Hd Cap Screw 2 1/2" J234 • 72 600853 Spring J151 • 73 603585 Stop Collar J126

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