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Another Word A Day: An All-New Romp through Some of the Most Unusual and Intriguing Words in English

  A smorgasbord of surprising, obscure, and exotic words In this delightful encore to the national bestseller A Word A Day, Anu Garg, the founder of the wildly popular A Word A Day Web site (, presents an all-new collection of unusual, intriguing words and real-life anecdotes that will thrill writers, scholars, and word buffs everywhere. Another Word A Day celebrates the English language in all its quirkiness, grandeur, and fun, and features new chapters ranging from ''Words Formed Erroneously'' and ''Red-Herring Words'' to ''Kangaroo Words,'' ''Discover the Theme,'' and ''What Does That Company Name Mean?'' In them, you'll find a treasure trove of curious and compelling words, including agelast, dragoman, mittimus, nyctalopia, quacksalver, scission, tattersall, and zugzwang. Each entry includes a concise definition, etymology, and usage example, interspersed with illuminating quotations. Praise for a word a day ''Anu Garg's many readers await their A Word A Day rations hungrily. Now at last here's a feast for them and other verbivores. Eat up!'' -Barbara Wallraff, Senior Editor at The Atlantic Monthly and author of Word Court ''AWADies will be familiar with Anu Garg's refreshing approach to words: words are fun and they have fascinating histories.'' -John Simpson, Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary

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