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Unconventional Means

  Sixteen-year-old Anne Williams, shattered by a family tragedy, tries to cope through art and reading. She eventually finds solace in Nevel Shute's novel A Town Like Alice. His heroine's passage through the tribulations of war to find love and a new home modeled after the town of Alice Springs, Australia gives teenage Anne hope that 'there is something on the other side of the terrible things' for her, too. Some day, she promises herself, she will go to Australia and to Alice Springs. Decades later, Anne's call to Australia deepens. Now an artist and successful businesswoman, she is reading a book about the continent's Aboriginal people when a photograph of Aboriginal elder Lorraine Mafi-Williams mesmerizes her. She feels an immediate kinship, even though others find it ridiculous that this upper-middle-class Southern white woman and an Aboriginal elder could share more than a common last name. When Anne finally sets out for Australia, she adds to her desire to see Alice Springs the dream of also meeting Lorraine. But with no address, no phone number, no conventional way to get in touch with an Aboriginal woman, Anne must rely on unconventional means -- dreams, visions, meditation and intuition -- to guide her halfway across the world to find the woman whose ancient stories of a land and its people will help heal her. Steven McFadden, author of Legend of the Rainbow Warriors, says of Unconventional Means: 'Anne Williams has written an intelligent, lyrical and inspirational tale about her excursion into the outbacks of Australia and of her soul. The true story of her pilgrimage is beautifully and directly told, creating a literary roadmap of trust that readers might learn how one soul navigated unconventional -- but vital -- pathways forward.' The Adobe ebook version of Unconventional Means contains the complete content of the original trade paperback published by Pearlsong Press in June 2005, with interior layout identical to the paperback. The ebook, however, contains color versions of Anne Richardson Williams' original illustrations (which are in black-and-white in the paperback), as well as a color bonus photo section containing snapshots from Anne's journey and life related to the book's content.

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