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Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction: A Guide to Coping and Understanding, Third Edition

  This newly revised third edition delves into the most widely abused narcotic in the U.S.-prescription drugs. The book offers help to those suffering from this type of addiction as well as their families. The topics discussed include dynamics of addiction and the newest treatment options, who is at risk for addiction, why more teens are abusing prescription drugs, the symptoms of withdrawal, and methods of intervention for family members. Personal stories from addicts who describe their journeys into recovery are also included.

Angel of Wrath: A Novel (The Voice of God series #2)

  Thirteen-year-old Jazmin, her ex-Special Ops uncle Charlie, and former FBI agent Lisa are reunited in the second of the Voice of God series to stop a an assassin driven to murder members of a megachurch led by Lisa's brother. This assassin has drawn in a coven of teens toying with satanic practices to support his efforts. The naive youth engage in ceremonies that appear to usher in the death of each of his victims. When their rituals open a portal into the spiritual realm, a terrifying and mysterious entity crosses over to our world.The battle culminates with the capture of Lisa's father as the next target and a Black Mass requiring both their deaths as a sacrifice. The team will, once again, have to rely on all their wits, strength, and faith to survive in this action-packed, unearthly warfare.

Healing Magic

  A magical boys coming of age journey evolved into a dangerous quest to defeat an evil mage. Blessed with the gift of magic, when Narle turned fifteen he followed tradition and for one turn of the moon ventured into the desert on his own to learn, grow, and explore his magical talent. His simple journey took a dangerous turn when Narle and his horse Storm stumbled onto a horrible scenethe burning remnants of a caravan, with one lone survivor under attack by a flock of hungry Doomflyers. Narle joined the bloody battle and together they defeated the creatures, though he was injured in the process. He discovered the other teen also possessed a natural gift when Laan healed his wounds. He also discovered the reason for the marauders attacka small piece of cargo that Laans parents had kept hidden. The two teens set out to rescue Laans parents and the other caravan members, but the prospect of facing the Misty Mauraders wasnt their only obstacle. Constantly pursued by a strange, destructive force, their greatest challenge lay ahead. Could the pair harness enough of their own magic to defeat a powerful, evil mage?

What About the Kids? Raising Your Children Before, During and Af

  The ten chapters in WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS? give detailed scenarios and their alternatives, likely outcomes and surprises. They include: 1) The Break Up: This chapter focuses on the adult in crisis. 2) What To Tell the Children: These words will be remembered for a lifetime—how to get them right. 3) The First Year: Maximum turmoil. Setting new routines and maintaining a connection with each child. 4) The Dust Settles: The issues that come up in the first decade after divorce. 5) Co-Parenting: How to be good parents while living separate lives. 6) Teens in the Post-Divorce Family: Troublesome behavior, morality on trial, your child’s future relationships and much more. 7) The Young Adult of Divorce: Spouses and negotiations for college and living expenses, abandonment issues. 8) Long Term Changes in Parent/Child Relationships: The members of divorced and remarried families can be both closer and more conflicted than in intact families—what the issues are and how to address them. 9) Second Marriages: Preparing a child for new relationships—what are the children most afraid of? How to be a step parent; why second marriages succeed or fail. 10) Bridging the Generations: Adult children of divorce and how they relate to their parents—the two way street.


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