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Son of Holmes

  John Lescroart offers an engrossing historical mystery that takes us to a small French town in the dark days of World War I-where the rumor is that Auguste Lupa is the son of the greatest detective of all time. And his mysterious legacy may come to light as he attempts to solve the baffling murder of an intelligence agent...

Old Soldiers Sometimes Lie

  On November 14, 1947, two years after the war, General Douglas MacArthur met in private with Emperor Hirohito. They spoke for ninety minutes. To this day, there is no official record of what was discussed.... Over five decades ago, MacArthur permitted General Yamashita Tomayuki to be executed for alleged war crimes. Now, the general's granddaughter is determined to clear Yamashita's name, even if it means unravelling a web of deceit and corruption that may stretch back to the Emperor himself -- and a secret pact between Hirohito and MacArthur. But some would prefer the past stay buried.... Old Soldiers Sometimes Lie is a work of fiction that nevertheless raises disturbing questions about what truly went on in the Pacific in the shadowy years following World War II. A former counterintelligence agent, as well as an award-winning author of espionage thrillers, Richard Hoyt pulls together disparate threads of historical fact and rumor to weave a gripping tale of intrigue and conspiracy in high places.


  Conn Maxwell was raised on the planet of Poictesme, home base of the Third Fleet-Army Force during the System States War. After the war, the soldiers went home, leaving the planet dotted with abandoned bases and equipment. However, one piece of equipment has yet to have been found: Merlin, the military's rumored super-computer--a computer so powerful that it could solve any problem. Life will be good once Merlin is found. And so, Conn is sent to Terra to study computers and learn the location of Merlin. Well, Conn's back with the knowledge: Merlin only ever did exist in rumor. But Poictesme is rotting away, its inhabitants apathetic, sitting and waiting for Merlin to come along and solve their problems for them. So, Conn needs something to get Poictesme moving again, he need's Merlin!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Millennium: Fall Of Terok Nor/War of the Prophets/Inferno

  As Benjamin Sisko picked his way over the wreckage that was his new command, a thousand questions, countless problems, dire reports, and the soon-to-be-familiar harangue of the Bajoran Liaison Officer clamored for his attention. From the shadows, a monk stepped out and greeted him. With all that had happened, it is no small wonder that Sisko took that greeting and relegated it to the back of his mind. Six years have passed. Despite the recent retaking of Deep Space 9 (TM) it seems that the Federation is losing the Dominion war. As commander of a front-line post, Sisko focuses on the war effort, paying little attention to the latest rumor. 'The fabled lost Orbs of the Prophets have been recovered. Legend holds that these orbs are the key to unlocking a second wormhole -- a second Celestial Temple.' In war, sometimes the little things you don't notice are your undoing. Now Benjamin Sisko, a man of science and a StarĂ¾eet officer -- and also the Emissary -- is swept up in the ultimate war of good versus evil. Every decision he makes draws him, his family, and his crew into the abyss. Faced with the possibility that he alone must decide the fate of life in the galaxy, Captain Sisko must unlock the truth behind the fabled Orbs of the Prophets or the future, the past, and even the present will wink out of existence!


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