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a rhombus buildinga rhombus has how many verticles
a rhombus is a squarea rhombus must be a square

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Queen Geeks In Love

  'Last year, Shelby Chapelle and her friend Becca founded the Queen Geek Social Club, and set out to find others of their kind. This year, Becca has even bigger plans for the Queen Geeks. She thinks working on the club's website and planning Geekfest (a talent show of geek-tastic proportions) should be Shelby's number one priority. Guys have always been strictly secondary to the goal of spreading geekiness to every corner of Green Pines High School...and then the world! But sophomore year heats up when Shelby is swept off her feet by the karaoke stylings of a guy named Fletcher. And then Becca and another Queen Geek fall for the same guy, which results in a cursed love triangle--or a doomed love rhombus, if you count Shelby and Fletcher. The going can get tough when Queek Geeks fall in love, but Shelby knows that being true to your inner geek is the most important thing.'

Geometry Study Guide - FREE Geometry Background and Triangles chapters in the trial version

  Boost Your grades with this illustrated study guide. You will use it from college to graduate school and beyond. FREE Geometry Background and Triangles chapters in the trial version. Features Clear and concise explanations Difficult concepts are explained in simple terms Illustrated with graphs and diagrams Table of Contents Geometry Background Euclidean Geometry Euclidean Space Line Line Segment Incidence of planes and lines Incidence Structure Euclidean Distance One-dimensional distance Two-dimensional distance Three-dimensional distance Postulate The Plane Areas of Mathematics Translation Translational Symmetry Similarity Triangles Triangle Types of triangles Points, lines and circles associated with a triangle Computing the area of a triangle Using vectors Using trigonometry Using coordinates Using Heron's formula Ceva's Theorem Heron's Formula Equilateral Triangle Right Angle Pythagorean Theorem Pythagorean Triple Heronian Triangle Triangle Inequality Pedoe's Inequality Similar triangles Parallel Lines Congruence Parallel Postulate Polygons Convex polygon Internal Angle Diagonal Perimeter Quadrilateral Isosceles Trapezoid Parallelogram Kite Rhombus, Rhomboid Rectangle Square Cyclic Quadrilateral, Brahmagupta's formula Tangential Quadrilateral Star Polygon Circles Analytic results Properties Calculating the parameters Area of a Disk Circular Sector Circular Segment Circumference Nine-point Circle Transformational Geometry Scaling Rotation, Euler's Formula, Rotation Matrix, Quaternions and Spatial Rotation Reflection Coordinate Rotations and Reflections Linear Map Solid Geometry Dihedral angle and Solid angle The Cube Cuboid Hypercube Graph Parallelepiped Prisms The Tetrahedron and Pyramid Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron Cones and Cylinders The Sphere and Spheroid, Quadrics: Ellipsoid Paraboloid Hyperboloid

The Promise - A Tale of the Great Northwest

  (Excerpt from Chapter I): Young Carmody awoke to the realization of another day. The sun of mid-forenoon cast a golden rhombus on the thick carpet, and through the open windows the autumnal air, stirred by just the suspicion of a breeze, was wafted deliciously cool against his burning cheeks and throbbing temples. He gazed about the familiar confines of the room in puffy-eyed stupidity. There was a burning thirst at his throat, and he moistened his dry lips with a bitter-coated tongue. His mouth was lined with a brown slime of dead liquor, which nauseated him and sent the dull ache to his head in great throbbing waves. Upon a beautifully done mahogany table near the door stood a silver pitcher filled to the brim with clear, cold ice-water. It seemed miles away, and, despite the horrible thirst that gnawed at his throat, he lay for many minutes in dull contemplation of its burnished coolness. The sodden condition of his imagination distorted his sense of proportion. The journey across the room loomed large in the scheme of things. It was a move of moment, to be undertaken not lightly, but after due and proper deliberation. He threw off the covers and placed a tentative foot upon the floor. A groan escaped him as his right hand brushed the counterpane. Gingerly he brought the member within range of his vision-it was swollen to the wrist and smeared with dried blood, which had oozed from an ugly split in the tight-drawn skin. Slowly he worked the fingers and frowned&mash;more in perplexity than distress-at the sharp pain of the stiffened knuckles. He crossed to the table and, springing the silver catch of a tiny door,cunningly empaneled in the wall, selected from the cellaret a long-necked, cut-glass decanter, from which he poured a liberal drink. The sight of it sickened him, and for an instant he stood contemplating the little beads that rushed upward and ranged themselves in a sparkling semicircle along the curve of the liquor-line.

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